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Workforce Investments

​​Workforce Reports

WIOA Program Data​

HECC- Office of Workforce Investments, WIOA reports​

PRISM - Oregon's Workforce Reporting System

The Performance Reporting Information System (PRISM) was established to collect, analyze, and report on:

  • workforce development services,
  • customers receiving these services, and
  • employment outcomes after receiving services.

Statewide Strategic Plans

Local Workforce Development Board Plans

Local Workforce Development Board Local Plans are posted on The WIOA Region Planning website.

Department of Labor ETA Performance Reporting

The reporting information here includes policy guidance, questions and answers, training tutorials, timelines, and links to reporting formats for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Workforce Investment Act, Wagner-Peyser, Jobs for Veterans Act, National Farmworker Jobs Program, Trade Adjustment Assistance and other ETA-funded programs.