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Counselor and Advisor Resources

Counselors and academic advisors are key partners in helping students reach their academic goals. The HECC Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) offers counselor resources and support so they can best serve Oregon students; other HECC offices lead and coordinate policy work to promote successful student pathways from high school to college.

In addition to the resources below, please see Student and Family Resources and Career and Training Resources for helpful programs, tips and links.


  • Outreach and webinars: The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) offers webinars and outreach opportunities to help Oregon students, counselors, and educators better understand financial aid options. To view the webinar calendar and register to attend, visit the OSAC Outreach and Resources Page.  If you are interested in these topics but the dates do not work for your schedule, you can access the recorded webinars on the OSAC YouTube Channel. ​
  • FAFSA+ high school initiative: The FAFSA Plus+ program aims to increase FAFSA completion rates by providing schools with the data and resources needed to target outreach efforts and support students in this process. FAFSA+ currently operates at more than 110 schools and sites across Oregon and is accepting applications for additional programs.  
  • ASPIRE: The ASPIRE program provides information and support to assist students from middle school through community college get on track for postsecondary education success. OSAC provides participating schools and community-based organizations with volunteer recruitment and training materials, and the expert assistance to build a community-based mentoring program. OSAC is accepting applications for additional ASPIRE sites.
  • High school to college academic pathways and initiativesHECC offices are working with K-12 and higher education partners to align expectations of what it means to be “college ready.” This includes facilitating agreements related to the use of assessments for course placement once students arrive in college, and working with schools to align opportunities to for students to earn college credit while in high school (including dual credit, AP, IB).
  • College and Career Readiness Collaborative (C3): ​ HECC participates in C3, a cross-sector action group working to mobilize counselors, administrators, college advisors, financial aid officers, and mentors across the state to provide every student with viable and affordable pathways to adult success.  
  • The Public University Majors Matrix is a document developed by the universities on an annual basis, showing degrees and fields of study at the seven public universities. The 2017 University Majors Matrix​ is created by the universities, and provided to the HECC courtesy of Oregon State University (Ogawa, M., OSU Admissions). It includes information provided by the Admissions offices of each Oregon public university as of September, 2016. Please refer to the university websites for the most up to date information.