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​Featured Work 

Informing Progress Toward Oregon’s State Goals

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission is responsible for conducting data collection, analysis, reporting, and research on all sectors of postsecondary education in Oregon. The HECC data resources are used to inform policy and funding decisions, and to uphold important requirements for transparency and accountability in an effort to achieve Oregon's state goals for higher education.​

Oregon Educational Attainment Data​

Progress toward Oregon's 40-40-20 Education Goals, the state's Adult Educational Attainment Goal, and other key educational attainment data.

Affordability Improves in Oregon's Colleges and Universities

  • We are pleased to publish a new research brief on improvements in affordability at public colleges and universities in Oregon, and the underlying reasons behind these improvements. Through a combination of expanded financial aid, reduced enrollment, and relatively stable tuition in recent years, more Oregon students at public colleges and universities had resources to cover the cost of attendance in the last two years than at any time in recent history. 

Post-secondary Employment Outcomes tool​

  • The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) is pleased to report that Oregon is partnering with the United States Census Bureau on a new online searchable data tool to provide public access to information on the employment outcomes of postsecondary education and training. The Census Bureau’s Center for Economic Studies links state data on college and university graduates with state and federal employment data to create the Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes (PSEO) tool. The data tools show job placement and earnings outcomes across the country for graduates of each of Oregon’s 17 community colleges and seven public universities. Currently, Oregon is one of 23 states participating in this program partnership with the U.S. Census to provide this data to the public.​ See our Fact Sheet for more information about this tool.​

Statewide Higher Education Snapshots

  • The Statewide Higher Education Snapshots are an annual resource highlighting key public higher education data for Oregonians. The Snapshots include 27 reader friendly one-page data visualizations that illustrate higher education measures related to enrollment, affordability, and outcomes for all Oregon resident learners, with a particular focus on underserved populations.  

Key Performance Measures

  • As part of its effort to create a culture of accountability and transparency, the state of Oregon measures the performance and outcomes of state government activities. Each agency, including the HECC, is required to develop Key Performance Metrics to guide state investment in agency programs. 

Equity Progress

​In January 2022, the HECC Office of Research and Data released a new series of research publications, Equity Briefs, providing an in-depth look at data on the challenges and successes of public college and university students of color​

Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative​

​​The Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative (OLDC) is home to the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). The SLDS is a longitudinal data system links data about students as they move through school and the workforce.​​​

​​Search Community College Data ​

  • Perform searches for custom data sets using the Data Mart and the data submission portal. Updated annually in September.​

Research and Data Links 

  • ​​Links to state and national partners and research organizations.​​

Voluntary Framework of Accountablity

  • ​​The Voluntary Framework of Accountability (VFA) is a relatively new national accountability system to measure how two-year colleges perform in serving their students.
Search Oregon Community College Data

Student Data on Enrollment, Demographics, and Completion

Find answers to questions about student enrollment, demographics, and completion of degrees and certificates at Oregon public colleges and universities. Updated annually in October.

Funding Data
Review historical data on state funding for public higher education. Updated annually in February.​
Tuition and Fee Data 
Review historical tuition and fee information for Oregon community colleges and universities. Updated annually in August.
State Financial Aid Data
Explore data related the Oregon Opportunity Grant and the Oregon Promise. Updated annually.  
Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative​​​

​​The Oregon Longitudinal Data Collaborative (OLDC) is home to the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). 

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Staff directory for Office of Research and Data​