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​​​​​​​University Student Data

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission works with university partners to compile data on student characteristics and achievements at Oregon’s seven public universities. Here we feature enrollment, demographics, and completion (graduation) at the public universities.

Public University Degree and Certificate Completion Data

Oregon public universities awarded nearly 25,000 degrees and certificates in 2017-18. These include undergraduate degrees and graduate and professional degrees.

Graphic, line graph, Total degree and certificate completion at Oregon 4-year public universities, 2006-present 

Graph, Public University 6-year Graduation Rate 

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Public University Enrollment Data

We describe university student enrollment in two ways:

Headcount is the actual number of individual students enrolled at a specific university. The data below count all students in the fourth week of the fall quarter.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) is calculated enrollment based on credit hours attempted. One term-based FTE is equal to 15 credits for undergraduates, 12 for graduates and professional level students, and 9 for doctoral students. One annual FTE is equal to 45 credits for undergraduates, 36 for graduates and professional level students, and 27 for doctoral students.

​​Fall 4th Week Data Headcount and FTE - Updated 11/17​/2022

Note: Numbers for individual institutions may revise slightly in the coming months as data are de-duplicated across sites. 


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Public University Student Demographic Data

Information on student age, gender, and race/ethnicity informs higher education policy and programs related to equity, affordability, and more, in the effort to achieve Oregon’s higher education goals. Data on age, gender, and race/ethnicity are self-reported by students.