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Higher Education Coordination Commission

Public University Data Dashboard

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) data dashboard here provides interactive data on students and learners served by Oregon’s seven public universities. The HECC Office of Research and Data receives data from the universities and analyzes and reports student and outcome data to help inform decisions and guide progress toward state goals.

How to Use the Dashboard

The dashboard available below includes four sections of public university data related to four student-level characteristics: Enrollment, Affordability, Completion, and Employment/Earnings.

  • Choose which of the four sections interests you.
  • Each section has multiple pages of data. You can scroll through each page at the bottom.
  • You can choose data for the whole state or specific institutions at the top of each page.
  • You can also select particular years or student groups and choose to filter the data by student characteristics at the left side of the page. Note, clicking on any of the bars in the graphs will also filter results by that characteristic.

Explore our other interactive data dashboards here. Learn more about the work of the HECC Office of Research and Data here. For questions about the data in this dashboard or the dashboard itself, please contact us at hecc_r&