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Higher Education Coordination Commission

Recent Initiatives and Activities

We are pleased to share some of the recent activities of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) and our programs. Here, you can learn about an array of strategic initiatives and activities underway to advance student success, equity, affordability, and economic and community impact for Oregonians.

The HECC’s Strategic Plan and Roadmap defines four key areas of activity that organize our strategic work for Oregonians: expanding opportunity through outreach, funding for success, streamlining learner pathways, and reporting to steer progress.  We are pleased to feature some of our recent work in each of these four strategic areas.  The initiatives featured here are just some of our many activities. You can learn more about our work for Oregonians in About HECC Offices and Programs.

Expanding Postsecondary Opportunity Through Outreach

We work to ensure all Oregonians have access to affordable, relevant options for postsecondary training.

Funding for Success

We lead state funding strategies for higher education and workforce that are directly linked to student, learner, and worker success.

Streamlining Learner Pathways

We work to promote clear onramps to education and training, reduce barriers for transfer students, and link graduates with careers.

Reporting to Steer Progress

Through advanced data analysis, evaluation, and reporting, the HECC informs public and institutional efforts to meet achievement goals and close equity gaps.