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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Animal Rescue Entity (ARE) Licensing Program

The purpose of the Animal Rescue Entity Licensing Program is to ensure that all AREs within Oregon meet record keeping and licensing requirements. The ARE Program is the result of Senate Bill (SB) 883​, which was passed by the 2019 Oregon ​legislature. SB 883 amends ORS 609.415 to move enforcement and licensing of animal rescue entities to the office of the state veterinarian at ODA.​

Who is an ARE?

Animal rescue entities are defined as any individual or organization—including but not limited to an animal control agency, humane society, animal shelter, animal sanctuary, or boarding kennel not subject to ORS 167.374​, but excluding a veterinary facility and a foster facility—that keeps, houses, and maintains in the individual’s or organization’s legal custody, 10 or more animals at any given time and that solicits or accepts donations in any form.

ODA understands the variety of organizations that fall within this rule. If you need​ clarification for your unique situation, please contact our office.​

Licensing process

Beginning on the effective date of the rules, an animal rescue entity is in compliance if they have submitted an application and are working with ODA to complete an initial inspection. In preparation for an inspection reference OAR 603-015-0085 thru OAR 603-015-0090 and the ARE Record Requirements​. Following an inspection, ODA will issue a written preliminary determination describing the results of the inspection. 

If it is determined that an animal rescue entity should receive a license, ODA will issue a payment form for the licensing fee. Once the licensing fee is received, a final licensing determination will be made and a license may be issued.​

Licensing fee
The ARE licensing fee is $375 per license per year. The license year is a 12-month period beginning July 1 and ending June 30 or for the remainder of that period at the time a license is issued. Fees are not prorated. 


Animal Rescue Entity FAQ

Animal Rescue Entity FAQ

Animal Rescue Entity License Rules

OAR 603-015-0075 to 0110

Animal Rescue Entity Sample Intake form

Sample intake form

ARE Affidavit

ARE Affidavit

ARE Application

ARE Application

ARE Hearing: September 30, 2020

ARE Hearing: September 30,2020

ARE Record Requirements

ARE Record Requirements

ORS Chapter 609: Dogs; Exotic Animals; Dealers

See: 609.415 Animal rescue entities; licensing; records; fees; rules; civil penalty. 609.420 Investigation and inspection of animal rescue entity. ORS Chapter 609

Senate Bill 883

Relating to animal rescue entities; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 609.415. Senate Bill 883




Animal Rescue Entity Program
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