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Listed Plant Permits and Consultations

​​​​​​Application process

  1. Complete the permit application form
  2. Assemble supporting documentation (see permit instructions for more details)​
    • A resume of the principal investigator with a description of any external funding sources, participating agency or institution
    • A 1-2 page detailed project summary with a clear statement of research objectives and a statement justifying the project
    • Written evidence that the land manager or land owner upon which the activity involving listed species is proposed has been contacted and provided permission for the proposed research or project​​
    • Spatial data (e.g., shapefile, geodatabase, or kml) associated with project details
  3. Send completed permit application and accompanying documentation to

Written notification of denial or a copy of the permit will be sent to the applicant within 120 days of receipt of the complete application. If a permit is granted, an annual written summary report is due by Dec 31 of the calendar year when the study or activity commenced.

Permit renewal process

Permits may be renewed by submitting the following:

  • Written renewal request
  • Report summarizing the activities completed under the initial permit, any preliminary results, and any additions or changes proposed for the requested permit renewal period


Listed Plant Permit application form and instructions

Listed plant permit application

ORS 564: Wildflowers; Threatened or Endangered Plants

ORS 564: Wildflowers; Threatened or Endangered Plants

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