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EO, EEO, Diversity & Inclusion

T5/T32 Employees
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EO Army 41 IBCT
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EO Air 142 FW
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Klamath Falls
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Our mission is to cultivate an organization dedicated to mission effectiveness that values diversity and inclusion through analysis, communication, education and mentorship. Ensuring individuals have the opportunity and means to reach their maximum potential.


The Oregon National Guard (ORNG) Joint Diversity & Inclusion Executive Council (JDIEC) advises senior leadership to create and foster an organizational culture where diversity is valued as a factor of personnel readiness and a combat multiplier.


A composite of unique individual characteristics, attributes, experiences, abilities and background of our Soldiers, Airmen, employees, and family members of the Oregon National Guard


To achieve an organizational culture that values and respects all Soldiers, Airmen and employees for their diversity and abilities, free from prejudicial barriers, stereotypes and restrictions.


Being a part of a larger group or organization; making genuine efforts to include others.