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Performance Management

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The ORNG Performance Management Program fully integrates organization mission goals and objectives into the planning and appraisal process. It encourages employee involvement in the process which is ultimately the responsibility of the supervisor to complete. The program provides for the application of appropriate personnel actions based on performance appraisals.

Incentive Awards

The ORNG Federal Employee Awards program is designed to recognize, motivate, and reward employees who excel in performance of their duties and responsibilities. The ORNG CER 451 can help supervisors make their award recommendations. If you would like to award your employee, please complete the AGO FORM 451 and send to HRO for processing.

Basis of Award

Sustained Superior Performance (SSP): Current appraisal on file. Employee exceeds position requirements. Performance maintained for at least 6 months.

Special Act or Service Award (SASA): Awarded for a special act or service in the public interest in connection with or related to official employment. Temporary employees are able to receive a SASA.

Quality Step Increase (QSI): Increases an employee's basic rate of pay to the next higher step in the same grade and is in addition to regular scheduled Within-Grade Increases. Use when performance is expected to continue. QSI requirements:
  • Must be General Schedule (GS)
  • Employee must have an overall rating of "5/Outstanding" on their latest rating of record
Time-Off Award (TOA): Grants additional time-off that is not chargeable to annual leave and is without loss of pay. TOA may be awarded based of SSP or SASA. Up to 40 hours per contribution, max of 80 hours per leave year. Signatures required on form:
  • Up to 9 hours with Supervisor approval
  • Up to 27 hours with HLR or Directorate approval
  • 27+ requires approval from Human Resources Office

Length of Service or Retirement Awards: An employee may be recognized for long and faithful federal service with appropriate emblems and certificates. Employees are eligible for Length of Service Awards after 10 years of service and awarded in 5 year increments. An employee retiring from federal service will be presented with a certificate of retirement signed by TAG.

Honorary Awards: Letters of appreciation or commendation.