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Civil Defense Force

About Us

Welcome to the Oregon Civil Defense Force (ORCDF).

The Oregon Civil Defense Force is a volunteer force established in Oregon (Revised Statute 399.035). Its mission is to augment the Oregon National Guard as a reserve force under the authority of The Adjutant General of Oregon.  As outlined in Command Policy 
Memorandum #167 (Joint) – Support of the Oregon Civil Defense Force (formerly known as the Oregon State Defense Force), the initial focus will be supporting HF communications at armories.  Other tasks will be determined in coordination with Oregon National Guard units.

The leadership of the organization consists of the Administrative Officer (appointed by The Adjutant General), Roberta Janssen, the Operations Officer, Marc Snook, and the Personnel Officer, Marilyn Woodward. The rest of the organization is divided into seven teams that are geographically located throughout Oregon.

We are now accepting applications and seeking members who have diverse skills in radio communication, administration, operations and a willingness to assist the Oregon National Guard in a variety of activities for the State of Oregon. Applications can be obtained by e-mail at

Members will receive an appointment letter with a designated position. They will wear civilian clothes with an ORCDF patch affixed to shirts, hats or vests. The ORCDF patch will only be worn when performing official duties.