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Operator Certificates for Firework Displays

If you have additional questions, please email us at OSFM.LP@OSFM.Oregon.Gov

General Display Operator Certification

Requires a completed application, passing an online exam, required duties, and training. There is no fee. The certification is valid for three years from the date issued unless it is revoked or suspended.

An applicant must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have participated as an assistant in three or more general displays in Oregon within three years of the date of application:
    • Participation means completing any of the following: the firing of the display, installation of mortars, installing set pieces, loading shells, after-display clean-up and inspection, installing an electrical firing system, and tending the magazine, which may include reloading the mortars.
  • At a minimum, an applicant must have on all three displays in Oregon:
    1. installed mortars
    2. loaded shells
    3. after-display clean-up and inspection
      • If this is your original certification, one of the three displays must also have the duty of manual firing.
  • Complete an examination application and return by fax, mail, or email.
    • We will email you with access to an online system, WorkDay, to take the examination.
  • Study materials Oregon Revised Statutes 480.110 through 480.165, Oregon Administrative Rules 837-012-0700 through 837-012-0970
  • Complete the exam with an 80% passing grade.
    • If you do not pass, submit another application requesting to take the exam again.
  • You also must attend and complete one training course administered by a certified instructor at one of the licensed general wholesalers
  • Fireworks 5-Display Charts referenced in Oregon Administrative Rule 

Limited Display Operator Certification

Requires a completed application. There is no fee for this certification. Applicants are certified to operate only limited display fireworks.

An applicant must:

Special Effects Operator

The State of Oregon requires a General or Limited Display Operator Certification based on the type of fireworks you are using for your Special Effects Display.