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Videos and presentation slides are available below for all fire and life safety education training courses in 2022.

2022 Webinars

​​TRAINING: Community Risk Reduction Week Spotlight- 01.12.2022
PRESENTERS: Allison McMurtrey & Tom Welle

Join us for a discussion the connections between community risk reduction (CRR) and public education. This includes the similarities between CRR and public education and ways they complement one another in helping communities address risks, and information about new programs and personnel available to assist Oregon communities in establishing their own CRR programs, with the goal of raising awareness of CRR and providing opportunities to make our communities safer.​
TRAINING: Resolve to be Fire Safe- 01.26.2022
PRESENTERS: Laura Chaffey

As we embark on a new year, fire safety is still our priority. We look at core safety messaging, data collected through NFIRS, and ideas to share the message about fire safety in 2022.

​​TRAINING: Burn Awareness Week- Burning Issues in the Kitchen ​02.09.2022
PRESENTERS: Allison McMurtrey & Curtis Ryun, RN

Presented in collaboration with the Oregon Burn Center, this webinar focuses on cooking safety (with an emphasis on social media). 

TRAINING: Electrical Safety- 02.23.2022
PRESENTER: Connie Biggs

This webinar focuses on raising awareness of how to avoid electrical hazards may reduce the number of electrically related fires, fatalities and injuries across the State. This webinar includes some of the electrical hazards often seen by first responders, safety messages to share with the home’s occupants, and tips to incorporate this information into your agency’s education program.​

​​TRAINING: Fire Safety Books- 03.09.2022
PRESENTER: Laura Chaffey

When asked to share a fire safety book with children, this webinar provides book titles for all age ranges.  We share books that support NFPA messaging guidelines for kids, discuss attention span and age-appropriateness, and recommend picture books, fiction, and nonfiction titles for youth.
TRAINING: Fire Prevention for People Who Have Sensory Processing Disorders- 03.23.2022
PRESENTER: Laura Chaffey​​​​​

This webinar defines sensory processing disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, the need for home fire safety planning, techniques and considerations before, during, and after emergency situations, provides background, prevention ideas, and techniques for assisting fire professionals, and strategies to lessen meltdowns and shutdowns.
TRAINING: Smoke/CO Alarm Laws (with a focus on avoiding nuisance alarms)​- 04.13.2022
PRESENTER: Connie Biggs
Recording Unavailable | Presentation Slides

This webinar covers Oregon laws for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in residential dwellings in a way fire educators can explain to community members. Also included are tips to avoid nuisance alarms so home occupants will be prepared to act when an alarm sounds.

TRAINING: Station Tour Best Practices- 04.27.2022
PRESENTER: Laura Chaffey

When asked to host a tour of the fire station, this 30-minute webinar gives tips and direction. Itr teaches how to successfully use OSFM’s station tour quick guide and information for all age groups.
​​TRAINING: Summer Cooking Fire Safety - 05.11.2022
PRESENTER: Connie Biggs

This webinar gives information about how to adapt a standard Home Cooking Fires message to various audiences for the summer season, and gives information about how to share this information at your agency’s summer events.​

TRAINING: Wildfire Go Bags & Evacuation Drills for Kids (Ages​ 6-13)- 05.25.2022
PRESENTER: Allison McMurtrey

This webinar teaches caregivers to have conversations with kids ages 6-13 about preparing for a wildfire evacuation. Using the act of packing a go-bag, we discuss kid-friendly ways to talk about what will happen in an emergency to give kids a sense of control during a frightening and overwhelming time.

​​TRAINING: Fire Safety Away From Home- 06.08.2022
PRESENTER: Laura Chaffey

The FireSafe theme for June is “Fire Safety Away from Home."  This webinar helps our prevention partners think about messages and guidance Oregonians may need when preparing for the summer travel season. This theme covers topics such as fire safety when staying in hotels or short-term rental properties and safety while on the road or visiting Oregon's beautiful landmarks. ​

TRAINING: Firefighter Looks Like Me- 06.22.2022
PRESENTER: Connie Biggs
Video Link | Presentation Slides​

​​TRAINING: BBQ Safety- 07.13.2022
PRESENTER(S): Connie Biggs
Video Link | Presentation Slides

Summer BBQ season is in full swing in July, so OLST has designated this month’s theme to be Barbecue Fire Safety. This webinar provides messaging and resources to help encourage wide-spread fire and injury prevention.

TRAINING: Building Rapport With Youth & Other Important Interview Skills- 07.27.2022
PRESENTER(S): Laura Chaffey
Whether it is a youth junior volunteer who wants to help in their community, or working with a youth who has misused fire, building youth rapport encourages partnerships, which can lead to stronger communities.  Occasionally, we meet kiddos who absolutely are defiant, and progress with them can be slow or non-existent.  This webinar will share some background or techniques, which can help establish and support partnership with youth.  And that partnership begins with building rapport.

​​TRAINING: Pet  Fire Safety & Preparedness- 08.10.2022
PRESENTER(S): Laura Chaffey

Preparing for an emergency is essential.  This webinar is designed to help with planning for emergencies with pets.  This webinar shares both tips for household pets as well as horses and livestock considerations.  ​

TRAINING: Back to School- 08.24.2022
PRESENTER(S): Allison McMurtrey

This webinar focuses on collaboration between fire agencies and school districts at the five main points of contact: 

  1. ​​teaching kids to normalize fire safety and first responders, 
  2. mandated emergency drills, 
  3. mandated emergency lessons, 
  4. reporting fire incidents, and 
  5. creating developmentally appropriate intervention plans. 

We end the webinar with practical lessons and advice from Caleb Barnes, a deputy fire marshal who spent several years employed in a mid-sized school district running emergency drills. He talks about practical information about running drills and lessons learned to help fire agencies support the school districts in their community.​

​​TRAINING: Preventing Falls- 09.14.2022
PRESENTER(S): Allison McMurtrey & Connie Biggs

In this webinar, we discuss some of the most common causes for falls with specific talking points for prevention. We also discuss the components of age and how these components can be in conflict leading to increased fall risk. We also discuss some general strategies for improving the effectiveness of a fall prevention program.

​​​​​​TRAINING: Home Escape Planning- Kids- 09.28.2022
PRESENTER(S): Laura Chaffey
Video Link | Presentation Slides

​​TRAINING: Fire Prevention Month- 10.12.2022
PRESENTER(S): Connie Biggs
Video Link | Presentation Slides

TRAINING: Insight facilitator Training- 10.22.2022
PRESENTER(S): Laura Chaffey
Video Link | Presentation Slides​​

​​TRAINING: Cooking Safety- 11.09.2022
PRESENTER(S): Connie Biggs
Video Link | Presentation Slides

TRAINING: Kids Cooking Safety- 11.30.2022
PRESENTER(S): Laura Chaffey
Video Link | Presentation Slides​

​​TRAINING: Home Heating- 12.14.2022
PRESENTER(S): Connie Biggs
Video Link | Presentation Slides


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