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State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)

The Oregon SERC is responsible for:

  • Designating Emergency Planning Districts (EPDs) throughout Oregon,
  • Establishing local emergency planning committees (LEPCs) within the EPDs,
  • Appointing membership to the LEPCs,
  • Providing review and comment on local community emergency response plans.
Oregon Administrative Rules 837-095 established the SERC Executive Committee and designated Emergency Planning Districts and Local Emergency Planning Committees. In Oregon, statute identifies the State Fire Marshal as the SERC. The SERC Executive Committee was established to provide input and recommendations to the SERC on activities related to EPCRA. The duties of the SERC Executive Committee are to advise the SERC on designation of emergency planning districts and questions regarding the creation or dissolving of LEPC’s, be involved with the review of plans developed by LEPC’s, support LEPC efforts to implement EPCRA, and assist with hazardous materials training, education, and outreach activities in support of the SERC and LEPC’s.
This committee is made up of representatives of the following state agencies, groups, and organizations:
Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal
Office of Emergency Management
Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon State Police
Governor's Office
Oregon Health Authority
Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
Local Emergency Management
Oregon Emergency Management Association
Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC)
Oregon Fire Chiefs Association
Regional Hazardous Material Response Teams
Oregon Sheriffs Association
Association of Oregon Counties 

​​​State Emergency Response Commission
Terry Wolfe
LEPC Program Coordinator
3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR 97317
Phone: 503-934-8245
Fax: 503-373-1825


SERC Executive Committee Bylaws



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