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Fire Service - Reporting Incidents

If you have reached this page because you are wishing to report a fire, please call 9-1-1. 

Every Chief is required by statute to provide the Office of State Fire Marshal with a full report of every fire occurring within their jurisdiction within seven days. ORS 476.220

Your agency's data is an important part of the Oregon fire picture. NFIRS data is used to demonstrate the importance of the work done by the fire service, helping those inside and outside the industry to better understand the fire service's role and value in each community.

OSFM provides fire agencies with free access to ImageTrend Elite - a statewide, internet-based incident reporting system and centralized data repository - to report fire department data.  Please contact OSFM for more information about how to use this free service.

Information about NFIRS can be found on the following websites:

Wildland Fire Module Incident How-to Guides
Generally, Incident Type 141 (Forest, Woods, or Wildland Fire), 142 (Brush or Brush-and-Grass Mixture Fire) and 143 (Grass Fire) should be reported using the Basic and Wildland Fire Modules. Please do not use the Fire Module to report these Fire Incident Types.  

Below are How-To Guides for Wildland Fire Incidents. One guide is for direct entry into Image Trend Elite and the other is a more generalized version to aid agencies using a third-party vendor for reporting. 

We appreciate all of your efforts to file incident reports timely and accurately. For assistance with NFIRS reporting, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-588-8787 or


NFIRS Module Training now available on demand!

The NFIRS Program Coordination team is excited to announce that NFIRS trainings for the Basic, Fire, Structure Fire, and Wildland Fire Modules are now available. These recorded sessions can be accessed by selecting the desired session link below.


NFIRS Basic Module Training -

NFIRS Fire Module Training -

NFIRS Structure Module Training -

NFIRS Wildfire Module Training -


***Be on the lookout in the near future for opportunities to sign up for full day, in person, NFIRS and Elite training sessions for basic and intermediate users. ***

If you encounter any difficulties, or have coding questions, reach out to us at The OSFM Analytics and Intelligence Unit is here to help! 


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