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Joint Policy Bulletins, Technical Advisories, and Interpretations

A collaborative service provided by the Oregon Fire Chiefs Association, the Oregon Fire Marshals Association, and the OSFM for consistent, concise application of Oregon's fire prevention and life safety regulations.

Joint Policy Bulletins

JPB-001  UACS (Uniform Alternate Construction Standard for 1 and 2 Family Dwellings)
JPB-002  ERRC (Emergency Responder Radio Coverage)
JPB-003  Fire Investigation Authority
JPB-004  Motor Vehicle Dismantlers
JPB-005  Open Burning
JPB-006  Tent Use During Declared Emergencies

Technical Advisories

22-12  Temporary Shelters
22-09  Holiday Decor and Fire Safety Guidelines 
20-15  Evacuation Drills During Pandemic
19-01  Guidelines for use of gas mines
17-02  Emergency Responder Radio Coverage
15-01  Statewide Guidelines for Fairs, Trade Shows, Carnivals, or Common Venue Events
           (For Aerial Luminaries aka Sky Lanterns see 15-01)
14-14  Guidelines for Black Powder and Smokeless Propellants at Gun Shows
14-13  LPG Container Foundation Criteria
14-11  Security of Egress Doors
14-08  Motor Vehicle Fuel Storage and Dispensing
            Also, see Application and Installation Guideline for Aboveground Storage Tanks
14-06  Protection of Existing Cooking Equipment - Grease Laden Vapors
14-05  Use of Electrical Equipment in License Health Care, Residential Care, and
           Assisted Living Facilities
14-04  Compounding Fire Flow and Sprinkler Flow
14-03  Waste Water and Water Treatment Facilities
14-02  Recycling Receptacles Near Exits or in Exit Corridors (see NFPA 101 for CMS Facilities)
14-01  Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging


14-06  LPG Concealment for installations of 2,000-gallon water capacity (aggregate) or less
14-05  Exit Obstructions Due to Hazardous Conditions
14-04  Vending Machines in School Corridors
14-03  Fire Safety in Yurts Used in Oregon State Parks
14-02  Recycling in Group E (Educational) Occupancies
14-01  Fire Alarms in E (Educational) Occupancies



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