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​To offer continuing education that meets the license renewal requirements and license reactivation requirements, a course provider must be a Certified Continuing Education Provider.

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To qualify, applicants must be one of the following:

  • A real estate company with a business name registered with the Agency under ORS 696.026 and OAR 863-014-0095 or OAR 863-024-0095
  • A licensed title or escrow company conducting business in this state.
  • A real estate trade association or a trade association in a related field (but not the individual members of those associations).
  • A real estate multiple listing service.
  • A licensed private career school approved by the Agency to offer pre-license real estate education.
  • An accredited community college or an accredited state institution of higher education.
  • A distance learning provider with at least one course approved by ARELLO.
  • An attorney admitted to practice in Oregon.
  • A law firm, in which at least one of the attorneys associated with the firm is an active member of the Oregon State Bar.

If an applicant does not meet the above qualifications, the applicant can petition the Real Estate Board to become qualified:

  1. Submit a petition to qualify​ (PDF) to the Agency at least 21 days before the scheduled Board meeting at which the applicant wishes the Board to make a decision.
  2. Board may approve the petition if the petitioner’s qualifications are substantially similar to the qualifications listed in OAR 863-020-0020.
  3. If the Board approves the petition, the Agency will send a letter to the petitioner confirming the Board’s approval, and the petitioner can then follow the certification process explained below.​ 
  1. Register for an account in eLicense, the Agency's online license system.
  2. Complete a certified continuing education provider application in eLicense​.
  3. Pay the $300 application fee.
  4. The Agency will review the application and confirm the qualifications. Upon certification, the Agency will email a confirmation and assign a provider number.
  5. Once certified, the continuing education provider must let the Agency know about any information changes using eLicense. This includes changes in the authorized contact person, address, email, and phone number.
  6. If a provider no longer wishes to be certified or no longer meets the qualifications, it must inactivate its certification within five business days by using eLicense.
  • Ensure each course offered is within the scope of one or more of the course topics​ under OAR 863-020-0035.
  • Identify to licensees which course topic or topics each course covers and the length of time required to complete each course.
  • Ensure that the course meets the minimum length requirement of one hour.  The instructor may allow a break of no more than 10 minutes as part of each hour of instruction. Per OAR 863-020-0007, the number of credit hours issued to the licensee must be based on the time it took the licensee to complete the course.
  • Assign each course a four-digit identifying course number. (Any assignment of four numbers is acceptable. Each course must have its own number.)
  • In addition to any other learning objectives a certified continuing education provider may develop, ensure that courses offered meet at least one of the learning objectives required under OAR 863-020-0045. (The Agency does not approve learning objectives.)
  • Ensure that the instructor who teaches a continuing education course completes and signs the Continuing Education Instructor Qualifications Form (PDF) required by OAR 863-020-0050 and meets the requirements under OAR 863-020-0060. (The Agency does not approve instructors.)
  • Give each licensee who completes a course a completed certificate of attendance (PDF) per OAR 863-020-0050.
  • Keep detailed records of each course provided for three years as required by OAR 863-020-0055.
  • Notify the Agency of any changes to information originally submitted as part of the application process by using eLicense.
  • Notify the Agency if certified continuing education provider discontinues offering continuing education or if certified continuing education provider no longer meets the qualifications to be a certified continuing education provider in OAR 863-020-0020 by inactivating the certification in eLicense.​ 
A continuing education provider certification expires on December 31 of each year. The authorized contact person must renew the certification in eLicense​ before expiration. The renewal fee is $50.
The Agency may revoke the provider’s certification if the provider disregards or violates any applicable provision of ORS chapter 696 or OAR chapter 863 division 20.  Such revocation is an Agency order subject to the contested case provisions contained in ORS chapter 183.  ​