Oregon Real Estate Agency

The Oregon Real Estate Agency is required by law to publish disciplinary actions. The final order for each action can be viewed by clicking on the individual names listed below.​

Please note that there are individuals with real estate licenses that may have the same or similar names as those listed below, even in the same market area. If you are in doubt if an individual listed here is someone you know or you are working with, please contact the Agency for verification.

Stipulated settlements do not necessarily reflect all the factual violations initially alleged by the Agency. Sanctions may have been adjusted as part of the negotiation process. Such settlements may not, therefore, directly compare in severity or sanction with other cases.

Adle, Michael E, Principal Broker 201227272

Beck-Gardner, Lynda, Broker 200606367

Buckley, Lisa Marie, Unlicensed

Duarte, Jose A., Unlicensed

Farhoud, Farrah, Property Manager 201215170

Freeman, Wesley Jerome, Property Manager 200007027

Fung, Samuel S., Unlicensed

Grajeda-Weber, Natividad C., Principal Broker 200403280

Hall, Eric W, Principal Broker 780203530

Hamley, Joel C., Principal Broker 200411095

Hemstreet, Jon Dover, Principal Broker 200411160

Holsapple, Stephanie E., Property Manager 201211189

Hyland, Leah, Broker 200706042

James, Brian, Broker 201227644

Johnson, Samuel, Property Manager 201213921

Kennedy, Karen Lynn, Principal Broker 200509207

Kuhlmann, John Erick, Principal Broker 200404120

Lappin, Melissa K., Property Manager 201210106

Leiner, Jason Scott, Principal Broker 200907119

Lyell, Phillip, Broker 810504147

Mahon, Brian J., Unlicensed​

Motter, Shannon M.​, Principal Broker 200002158

Newton, Barbara McCosh, Property Manager 201221029

Paulson, James Martin, Property Manager 201109051

Prasad, Hemant, Unlicensed

Reynolds, Autumn, Unlicensed

Riddle, Kamichia Renee, Broker 201217740

Robbins, Sean, Principal Broker 201206043

Van Leeuwen, John A, Unlicensed

Walsh, Abraham, Property Manager 201213877

White, Valerie Lynn, Property Manager 200809166

Alcantara, Elisha Ann, Principal Broker 201208722

Bauske, Deborah, Unlicensed

Bonanno, Paul, Unlicensed

Buschmann, Margaret Ann, Principal Broker 200601397

Chapman, Amanda MPM, Broker 200606383

Chase, Sandra Lena, Principal Broker 200704279

Conrad, Shelley Gretchen, Broker 990400237

Daggett, Travis, Broker 201224095

Dieter, Rosalie A, Principal Broker 200407126

Eichler, Everett, Property Manager 960300224

First American Title Insurance Company, Escrow Agent 850600257

Friesen, Noelle P., Property Manager 201212448

Gibbs, Brittany Ann, Principal Broker 201209867

Greene, Alicia Ann, Principal Broker 200810096

Gregory, Sherri R., Principal Broker 970300073

Groener, Geoffrey Michael, Broker 200410294

Hawks, Victoria M., Principal Broker 900200025

Howard, Mary M., Principal Broker 851100210

Kopp, Sherry Patricia, Principal Broker 201107057

Leppert, Kathleen, Principal Broker 200006112

Martinson, James, Principal Broker 990100164

McVay, Mathew Kent, Property Manager 200404125

O'Hara, Toni Lynne, Property Manager 200407225

Paris, Claire Diane, Principal Broker 200309285

Read, Myranda Rae, Broker 201210755

Rian, Aaron, Principal Broker 200711174

Roes, Angelo Donovan, Principal Broker 970900199

Shedden, Barbara Jean, Principal Broker 201109056

Shequin, Mark E., Principal Broker 200601296

Stevens Debra Lea, Principal Broker 200110147

Tang, Xiao Q., Principal Broker 200406248

Teel, Tina Marie, Property Manager 200504540

Tomko, Matthew A., Broker 201216867

Voss, Richard, Principal Broker 911100175

Walls, Deanna M., Principal Broker 200309289

Webber, Cynthia Ziebert, Property Manager 930400183

Allen, Elyse, Unlicensed

Booke, Terry G., Principal Broker 920300037

Draper, Jody L., Broker 950100114

Finucane Christine M., Property Manager 870500060

Fox, Christopher Robert, Principal Broker 860800102

Fox, Marcus Andrew, Principal Broker 200508221

Franklin, Georgina, Broker 200012001

Halvorson, John Olaf, Principal Broker 200701035

Hemstreet, Jon Dover, Principal Broker 200411160

Hoyer, Sherry Lee, Property Manager 200702277

Lebsock, Pamela Dawn, Property Manager 200901138

Leitch, Brenda Dalton, Property Manager 990700056

McCaslin, Mimi, Broker 910600032

Stewart Title Company, Escrow Agent 200909134

Warner, Keri L., Broker 201216945

Williams, Teresa, Property Manager 970700012

Wrege, Michelle Patricia, Property Manager 200010141

Ziebert, Dorothy, Principal Broker 780402930

Blacklaw, Dena, Property Manager 200810163

Chapman, Lucinda, Principal Broker 930300235

Cox, Terrie, Broker 930100033

Edmondson, Jeffrey, Principal Broker 200802126

Eichler, Everett, Property Manager 960300224

Fox, Kimberley, Broker 200710171

Gist, Jason, Property Manager 201211947

Kaul, Richard, Property Manager 201005032

Lathsang, Jampa, Principal Broker 980300260

Leach, Jane, Broker 201209864

Morrisson, Andrea, Broker 201005065

O'Hara, Toni, Property Manager 200407225

Reger, Craig, Principal Broker 970300201

Silver, Barbara, Principal Broker 881200007

Smith, Simon, Principal Broker 940200151

Spink, Cory, Broker 201217354

Turner, John, Principal Broker 940900051

Uzuegbunam, Tony, Broker 201107040

Walsh, Abraham, Property Manager 201213877

Wise, Richard, Broker 201211569

Anderson, Michelle, Principal Broker 981200074

Berrey, Dan, Principal Broker 780300166

Boehnen, Jerry, Broker 970700070

Buckley, Charles, Principal Broker 811100166

Butler, Robert, Principal Broker 780203594

Duke, Jerry, Broker 201205673

Gregg, Richard, Principal Broker 201208284

Hitchcock, Lawrence, Broker 201215620

Horton, Craig, Property Manager 201221853

McIver, Benjamin, Property Manager 990800144

O'Neal, Debra, Property Manager 201110063

Steele, Gregory, Property Manager 960800136

Stiles, Jeffry, Property Manager 200502010

Stohl, Susan, Broker 201206237

Tudor, Johnney, Property Manager 201207935

Walls, Donald, Principal Broker 970900218

Westphal, Linda, Principal Broker 900500059

Wolf, Amber, Broker 200302111

Bever, Eva, Principal Broker 790800101

Clemo, Melissa, Property Manager 200803226

Dugas, Stephanie, Broker 200601098

Eilers, Shelley, Principal Broker 200108083

England-Beringer, Shannon, Broker 201209648

Forhan, Anthony, Property Manager 200805072

Goche, Lauren, Broker 201207959

Hagglund, Kelly, Principal Broker 981100019

Hardman, Shavelle, Broker 201102121

Heater, Misty, Broker 200610118

Heiney, Susan, Property Manager 851000091

Hillendahl, Lane, Principal Broker 200506313

King, Gordon, Principal Broker 921100135

Kraskoff, Anna, Broker 201109050

Marty, Derek, Unlicensed

Moody, Linda, Principal Broker 950100188

Moore, Brayden, Property Manager 201205545

Olson, Ty, Broker 201207115

O'Neal, Debra, Property Manager 201110063

Ordway, Patricia, Principal Broker 790800175

Pearson, William, Property Manager 201209159

Reece, Joshua, Property Manager 201208572

Reed, Patricia, Property Manager 200712176

Sammons, Anthony, Principal Broker 200508196

Shivers, Nickolas, Principal Broker 200209063

Straub, James, Property Manager 200404083

Tebbs, Debra, Broker 920300230

Waddle, Douglas, Broker 841100092

White, Valerie, Property Manager 200809166

Anderson, Angela, Broker 200707125

Berrey, Dan, Principal Broker 780300166

Bittler, Sandra, Principal Broker 200308112

Booren, Holly, Principal Broker 200309095

Cartwright, Leeanna, Property Manager 201002035

Clemo, Melissa, Property Manager 200803226

Fox, Christopher, Principal Broker 860800102

Halsey, Cody, Property Manager 200505358

Halvorson, John, Principal Broker 200701035

Hyde, Kelly, Principal Broker 201107019

Hyland, Lauren, Property Manager 200803067

Jordan, Jeremy, Broker 200008175

Kardasz, Dale, Unlicensed

Leiby, John, Principal Broker 200404225

McCravey, Denise, Principal Broker 880100100

Remmers, Anne, Broker 200604154

Rosenberg, Carol, Broker 971100089

Rychlik, Jean, Principal Broker 201208002

Shepard, Charles, Unlicensed

Shockley, Terry, Principal Broker 850100040

Slavit, Marc, Broker 200105121

Smith, Kenneth, Principal Broker 200008177

Smith, Lynn, Principal Broker 930400089

Stalcup, Steven, Principal Broker 950800067

Thompson, Ryan, Unlicensed

Toney, Jana, Unlicensed

Zamanizadeh, Lili, Principal Broker 920900044

Afshar, Tamara, Broker 200601154

Anderson, Eleanor, Broker 200504487

Ausland, Chelsea, Broker 200506155

Baratta, Michaeline, Broker 890500065

Bartolome, Brad, Broker 200602228

Bennett, Cindy, Unlicensed

Borcherding, Kimberly, Broker 201108054

Boyle, Thomas, Broker 201012002

Brown, David, Principal Broker 901100027

Bump, Marlon, Broker 950200232

Caffall, Richard, Broker 990300270

Chamberlain, Christopher, Principal Broker 200502281

Chase, Karen, Property Manager 200705324

Chisholm, Geoffrey, Broker 201001104

Cho, Joseph, Principal Broker 831100088

Christianson, Mark, Principal Broker 891000114

Coronado, Tonya, Property Manager 201110034

Cottel, Donald, Broker 910900031

Court, Kari, Broker 200911099

Crabtree, Jim, Property Manager 201204772

Dau, Tracy, Broker 200503478

Desbrow, Mark, Broker 200509155

Downing, Linda, Broker 200601025

Dunlap, Gregory, Principal Broker 960900082

Emick, Carolyn, Broker 890400097

Erickson, Diana, Broker 199910014

Farnsworth, Brandon, Broker 200212090

Fields, Courtney, Broker 200804089

First American Title Company of Oregon, Escrow Agent 850600257

Fish, Rae-Diane, Principal Broker 200604349

Gurton, Timothy, Broker 201202134

Hacker, Wendi, Broker 200204200

Halvorsen, Mark, Principal Broker 780200997

Harnish, Justin, Principal Broker 200112017

Healy, Jeanine, Broker 200311176

Henthorn, Geraldine, Principal Broker 840800127

Horter, Eric, Property Manager 990600114

Kirshrot, Herbert, Principal Broker 930400047

Koch, Patricia, Property Manager 200311122

Koeller, Chad, Broker 200411299

Lapray, Jon, Property Manager 970800023

Like, Leslie, Broker 821000051

Logan, Kimbal, Principal Broker 780301753

Lyell, Philip, Broker 810504147

Marquez, Teresa, Unlicensed

Martin, Wendy, Broker 201107012

Matthews, Robbie, Broker 200911095

Newell, Rosemary, Broker 901000237

Nordahl, Gerald, Principal Broker 800200177

Porter, Matthew, Property Manager 201207843

Richards, Donald, Principal Broker 860200209

Roberts, Antoinette, Broker 780900035

Robinson, Jewel, Principal Broker 921100001

Rymeski, Jay, Unlicensed

Schmiedeskamp, Susan, Broker 900400263

Seay, Robert, Broker 200912021

Selliken, Alicia, Broker 200702062

Shakier, Peontray, Unlicensed

Smith, Carrie, Principal Broker 200202152

Sobotka, Gregory, Principal Broker 200501215

Stacey, Ronald, Principal Broker/Unlicensed 980600142

Tilton, Patricia, Principal Broker 780203215

Tompkins-Fiocchi, Mary, Principal Broker 810104035

Twidwell, Tami, Property Manager 200709154

Vail, Charles, Unlicensed 201206280

Van, April, Property Manager 200502006

Vaughan, Mary, Broker 200110141

Ward, Sarah, Broker 201203039

Zhu, Carl, Unlicensed

Ziegler, Raya, Principal Broker 200403019

Baidenmann, Marlan, Broker 200512098

Breslau, Tod, Broker 200204192

Bryan, Andrew, Broker 200803225

Burkholder, Dale, Principal Broker 840300149

Chancellor, Ardith, Property Manager 941200157

Chicago Title Company of Oregon, Escrow Agent 201004072

Collins, Kenneth, Principal Broker 881100132

Combest, Randy, Broker 201002045

Cook, Audrey, Broker 880400031

Crane, Jennifer, Property Manager 200604045

Daugherty, Mitchel, Broker 200504207

Day, Troy, Unlicensed

De Saram, Varuni Sonali, Unlicensed

Falisec, Kimberly, Broker 931000118

First American Title Co of Oregon, Escrow Agent 850600257

Fogelson, Benjamin, Broker 200410258

Freimark, Richard, Principal Broker 200202055

Gleysteen, Peter, Broker 940600222

Grice, Sarah, Broker 200912129

Hansen, Bryce, Unlicensed

Harrison, Deborah, Principal Broker 200603047

Haskins, Jesse, Broker 200008025

James, Theresa, Principal Broker 200702082

Jones, Sanford, Property Manager 200505190

Kappler, Joseph, Broker 200605069

Kelly, Andrew, Principal Broker 850600344

Knudtson, John, Broker 200706111

Labrasseur, Sarah, Principal Broker 930400301

Lamb, Andrew, Property Manager 990600031

Lanning, Julia, Broker 880800095

Liska, Barbara, Principal Broker 900400298

Liska, Wayne, Broker 851000136

Lozzi, Steven, Principal Broker 910500196

Lyell, Phillip, Broker 810504147

Malepsy, Michael, Principal Broker 780103168

Matthews, Rich, Unlicensed

Mclain, Michael, Principal Broker 780403481

Miller, Jeffrey, Broker 940500263

Mitzel, Debra, Unlicensed 980700051

Montgomery, Suzanne, Principal Broker 930800239

Moore, Amy, Principal Broker 921100233

Motter, Shannon, Principal Broker 200002158

Musser, Scott, Broker 201106086

Mutrie, Patrick, Principal Broker 200406047

Myers, Janet, Property Manager 970900182

Neiswender, Joseph, Unlicensed

Nored, Mark, Principal Broker 950600322

Pacific Title Company, Escrow Agent 950200302

Palmer, Jack, Principal Broker 920300303

Rose, April, Principal Broker 200701305

Sackett, Dorothy, Principal Broker 911000279

Schumacher, Warren, Principal Broker 880600127

Settlemier, Steven, Principal Broker 780403596

Sheehan, Patrick, Broker 200506399

Shortt, Judith, Principal Broker 990700027

Stuart, Tim, Principal Broker 990200191

Sutton-Crouch, Angela, Principal Broker 200308097

Tenderella, Larry, Principal Broker 940500013

Tingey, Gary, Broker 200802192

Underwood-Bush, Catherine, Broker 200703199

Van Horn, Mary, Principal Broker 811200071

Willard, Barbara, Property Manager 951100011

Wilson, Debra, Broker 970100016

Zehntbauer, S Elaine, Principal Broker 780101567

Zuanich, Elizabeth, Broker 930600141

Ampe, James, Unlicensed

Betker, Larry, Unlicensed

Bland, Tom, Unlicensed

Boyer, Alan, Property Manager 890100083

Bradley, Teresa, Principal Broker 921100138

Broughton, Charles, Broker 200602034

Buth, Scott, Broker 200212036

Calouri, Theodore, Broker 951100106

Campbell, Paul, Broker 200703296

Carmody, Allan, Unlicensed

Carrington, Susan, Unlicensed

Clark, David, Principal Broker 780301965

Divers, Jeff, Unlicensed

Elliott, Hank, Property Manager 200705243

Fairbanks, Justin, Principal Broker 201006065

Florom, Jinean, Unlicensed 200512267

Fung, Samuel, Principal Broker 200205258

Goss, Daniel, Principal Broker 200707056

Gray, Mark, Broker 200606421

Grove, Alana, Broker 200603060

Hafeman, George, Principal Broker 780501422

Hawks, Victoria, Principal Broker 900200025

Hayden, Lauralene, Principal Broker 200402484

Heichelbech, Ashley, Broker 200509097

Howard, Eric, Unlicensed

Hoyt, Christopher, Unlicensed 201105105

Hurley, Joy, Broker 200508169

Iverson, Sarah, Broker 200505014

Jones, Archie, Broker 89040016

Joppe, Todd, Broker 921100065

Kipers, Patricia, Unlicensed

Knight, Jeffrey, Unlicensed

Larson, Jennifer, Property Manager 201105111

Lawrence,Patricia, Principal Broker 970600257

Leavens, Dawn, Property Manager 200706314

Lee, Ronny, Principal Broker 199912062

Loancare Sevicing Center, Unlicensed

Lynch, Cheryl, Unlicensed

Maple, Rita, Unlicensed

McCartney, H Scott, Principal Broker 820400149

Mills, Susan, Principal Broker 960800171

Morris, Erika, Principal Broker 200002237

Mortensen, Sharlene, Broker 200203216

Myers, Timothy, Broker 200403315

Ostroff, Nicholas, Principal Broker 780303922

Paligo, Bryan​, Property Manager 200705205

Petrusha, Eugene, Principal Broker 200408068

Ralston, G​eorge​, Broker 200902015

Rappold, Troy, Broker 200411151

Reinhart, Randal, Principal Broker 200408262

Ren, David, Principal Broker 200601094

Rincon, Stephanie, Unlicensed 201012022

Ripley, Jiwan, Principal Broker 971200098

Rumpakis, Mike, Unlicensed

Salladay, Kristen, Broker 200504376

Sammons, Robert, Property Manager 200807035

Saram, Sonali De​, Unlicensed

Shanks, Derek, Principal Broker 200406081

Simonson, Jerry, Broker 200202220

Smith, Darlene, Broker 911000174

Smith, Randy N., Principal Broker 910800159

Torres, Marcus, Property Manager 200902074

Unger, Randy, Principal Broker 950100129

Vaughan, Matthew, Broker 200608241

Williams, Patricia, Principal Broker 780403055

Wooldridge, Amanada, Property Manager 200802020

Zuments, Janis, Principal Broker 780403411