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About Us

​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the Board

The Oregon Real Estate Board consists of 7 industry members and 2 public members. ​

Board members are appointed by the Governor. Most terms are between 2-4 years, and all Board members are subject to a 2-term limit.

Board duties include:

  • Providing advice to the Real Estate Commissioner and the Governor's office regarding real estate industry matters.
  • Reviewing proposed rulemaking.
  • Approving experience waiver requests of real estate license applicants.
  • Making recommendations about the license examination process.
  • Approving the qualifications of continuing education provider applicants.


Any board member can be reached by e-mail at

2022 Board general meetings​

​Contact​ for instructions ​to attend by videoconference.​​

​Interpreter services or auxiliary aids for persons with disabilities are available upon advance request.​

​February 7
Videoconference 10:00 a.m
​April 4
Videoconference 10:00 a.m
June 6
Videoconference 10:00 a.m
​August 1
Videoconference 9:30 a.m.
​October 3
Videoconference 10:00 a.m
​December 5
Videoconference, TBD