Continuing Education

​To renew an active license, you must ​complete the required continuing education​​ and maintain your continuing education records.

Continuing education records

Continuing education audits

The Agency randomly conducts audits of continuing education records.​ If you are selected for an audit, you will need to provide the Agency a copy of the certificate of attendance for each course ​you entered in eLicense.​

Frequently asked questions

Question: I've taken more than 30 hours of continuing education. Do I need to enter all my classes into eLicense?

Answer: No. You only need to enter your 3-hour Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC) and at lea​st 27 hours of other eligible continuing education courses.
If you are renewing an active broker, principal broker, or property manager license for the first time, you must enter the 3-hour LARRC and the appropriate 27-hour advanced practices course into eLicense.

​Question: Can I just send or upload my certificates of attendance to the Agency?

Answer: No. You must enter the information into eLicense. The Agency will use the data to look for future improvements in continuing education and real estate licensing.
If you are selected for a continuing education audit, you will be required to send copies of your certificates of attendance to the Agency.

Question: What if I have a certificate of attendance that is missing information (e.g. course topic, instructor, location)?

Answer: Contact the certified continuing education provider.

​Question: What if I can't find all of my certificates of attendance?

Answer: Contact the certified continuing education provider you took the course(s) from. The Agency cannot help you in locating certificates.