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File a Complaint

File a complaint

If you believe a real estate or escrow licensee has done something wrong, you can file a complaint simply by submitting a letter or the complaint form (PDF) by email to the Oregon Real Estate Agency. Complaints are only accepted by email.

To file a complaint, please include:

  • A complete, readable description of the complaint.
  • Copies of any relevant or supporting documents you may have.
  • The complete name of the person you are complaining about.
  • A list of other parties that know any facts about your complaint. Please include their contact information (name, mailing address, daytime phone number, email address, etc.).
  • Your complete contact information, including phone number. Failure to provide your contact information may prevent the Agency from opening or completing a comprehensive investigation.

Send as much detail as possible about the complaint. This will help the Agency determine if an investigation is needed.  Do not include personally identifiable information, such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or drivers’ license numbers. Real estate license numbers are OK.

Note: All documents and materials you give to the Agency will become public record. Additionally, the Agency generally give copies of the submitted documents and materials to the person you complained about.

Understand what the Agency regulates

The Oregon Real Estate Agency regulates:

  • The actions of brokers and principal brokers in the course of their professional real estate activity as described in ORS 696.010.
  • The actions of property managers while managing rental real estate as described in ORS 696.010.
  • Unlicensed individuals who collect or attempt to collect a fee for representing a person in a real estate transaction.
  • Unlicensed individuals who collect or attempt to collect a fee for managing another person’s rental property.
  • The activities of escrow agents as defined by ORS 696.505.

The Agency does not regulate:

  • Contract disputes.
  • Real estate transactions between private parties not involving real estate licensees.
  • Landlord and tenant laws.
  • The National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics.

The Agency cannot help you get money back or get out of a contract.

If you have a dispute or question in an area of law outside the Agency's jurisdiction, you may need the assistance of a lawyer. The Oregon State Bar has a lawyer referral service. Lawyers who participate in this service agree to do a first-time in-office consultation for $35 or less.

Complaint process

  1. The Agency will review the complaint. Other people involved in the case may be contacted to determine whether or not to start an investigation.
  2. If the Agency determines an investigation is warranted, the case will be assigned to an Investigator/Auditor. 
  3. When the Investigator/Auditor completes the investigation, they prepare a report.
  4. Based upon the report, the Agency may either close the case (with or without an “educational letter of advice”) or seek administrative action against the person’s license.
  5. If the Agency seeks administrative action against someone, that person has due process rights that allow an appeal of the Agency’s decision.
  6. If the person agrees to the administrative action proposed by the Agency (settles) or is not successful in appealing, the administrative action or settlement goes into effect. Administrative actions and settlements are published in the Oregon Real Estate News-Journal. The action becomes part of the licensee’s or unlicensed person's record at the Agency, and the entire file becomes a matter of public record.