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SCIP: Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan

The Oregon Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan, or SCIP, serves as the reference and roadmap for public safety wireless voice and data interoperability in Oregon. It is a living document, which reflect past progress, the timeliness of our strategic goals and initiatives, and projects future issues critical to the delivery of public safety services. The SCIP vision and mission is to improve emergency communications operability, interoperability, and continuity of communications statewide.

The current SCIP was revised in March 2019.

SCIP Implementation Report

The report provides an annual update on the state's progress in achieving the initiatives and strategic vision identified in the SCIP. 

The current SCIP Implementation Report was revised in February of 2020.


With each review of the SCIP, staff review the council's strategic goals and objectives.

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