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Interoperability Standards

All-Hazards Communications Unit

The objectives of the Oregon COMU Qualification Program are as follows:

  • Establish minimum training and qualification standards for Communications Unit personnel working as part of the COMU or as a single resource assignment consistent with federal guidelines and/or the National Qualification System as appropriate.
  • Guide the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to obtain recognition of qualifications within the state of Oregon through the certification and credentialing process.
  • Define criteria to obtain and maintain both certification, and credentialed status for position-specific roles within the Communication Unit.
  • Retain the foundation of the performance-based qualification system established and implemented through the NQS developed by FEMA and expand the performance-based evaluation process to include Oregon specific qualification requirements.
For more information about the COMU Program, please see the Program documentation.

For more information about standards, please contact the Oregon Statewide Interoperability Coordinator.

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