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Year End Resources

Frequently Asked Questions at Year End

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What date is on PPE 12/31 paychecks? When will the bank make deposits available to customers?
Physical checks and direct deposit remittance advices are dated for the first day of the year - January 1.
Direct Deposits have a settlement date for the first business day of the year.  Some credit unions or banks make these funds available earlier as a customer service measure, but they do not have to do so.  Contact your bank directly for a specific answer to when this money will be in your account.

Why do I need to set November P010 dates for November corrections? My employee is not terminating.
OSPA automatically sets November P010 dates for you when you set the corrective flag on the P190 screen.  Entering P010 dates forces OSPA to date any November checks with a 2009 date.  Without November P010 dates, OSPA dates November checks the same as it would a December check.  Namely, 1/3/2011 or 1/14/2011.
See previous e-news announcements for more detail.

Why can't I set correctives for September and October once November has closed?
Once November is closed in mid-December, OSPA controls its tax-year postings by the dates on the P010 screen.  Since there is room for only one month's P010 dates, there can be only one open corrective month once the year is closed.
Additionally, OSPS stages pay periods, pay dates, and fiscal posting dates for the next year at that time.
November is closed to access following December Run 2, and December is closed to access following February Run 2 for the same reason.

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The Year End Process is a guidebook for agency payroll staff to navigate the murky waters of year end procedures, timelines, and cautions. 
This process (pdf) is always available in our OSPA Reference Material, Payroll Procedure Guidance section.

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Year End Plans

Developing a Year End Plan
This PowerPoint presentation (ppt) gives you sound ideas and guidelines for developing a year end plan for your agency.  With a goal of accurate year-end tax statements (IRS Forms W-2), following an established plan ensures consistent positive results year after year.
The Department of Justice has generously agreed to share their year end plan, below.

Agency Checklists
Created by Dept of Justice - DOJ Year End Checklist (xls)
Do you have one your agency has developed?  Submit yours to share.  Thank you.

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Flow Charts and Tools

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Worksheet - Layout Guide - Decision Tree
Use this worksheet to help you map out a scenario and how to approach fixing it.

Termination Flow Charts

 Procedure Outlined (all documents are pdf)  Effective Date 
 December Term  November 17, 2008
 December Retiree Returning in January  November 17, 2008
 December Term - Rewrite November Run 2  November 17, 2008
 Late December Term After December Run 1 November 17, 2008

Corrections Flow Charts

 Procedure Outlined (all documents are pdf)  Effective Date 
 Timesheet or Other Gross Pay Corrections  November 17, 2008
 Timesheet or Other Gross Pay Corrections for Months Prior to November  November 17, 2008

Check Flow Charts

 Procedure Outlined (all documents are pdf)  Effective Date 
 Cancelling or Reversing Employee Checks  November 17, 2008
 Cashing an Old Paycheck November 17, 2008

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2013 Year End Forum Material

Thank you to all who were able to attend the 2013 Year-End OSPS Users Forum.  Below are copies of the presentations, handouts and other tools presented at the forum.

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2010 Year End Forum Material

Timeline, Deadlines, and Consequences
Presentation speaker notes / slides (pdf)
Handout:  Constructive Receipt / Timeline extract (pdf)

Reconciling Your Payroll Year: W-2
Presentation on ensuring a clean W-2 (ppt)

Taxable Fringe Benefits
Presentation on capturing fringe benefits (ppt)

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Past Presentations

Icon for The Great Date Mate
The Great Date Mate
This PowerPoint presentation (.ppt) from the 2007 year end forum introduces you to The Great Date Mate - the number one cause for year end difficulty.
Also included is an overview about P370 dates, Constructive Receipt, Overpayments, Fringe Benefits, and other year-end information.
Most topics in this overview are also covered in great detail in the Year End Recommended Practice .

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