Status Check Request Fillable Form​​  - Last updated 4/2016 
Employee PERS Questionnaire – Last Updated 7/2014 
Disability Information Request​ – Last Updated 5/2013 
Salary and Hour Request  |  Entry tool – Last Updated 6/2014 
Year-to-Date Correction Form​ - Last Updated 7/2017 |  Excel spreadsheet - Last Updated 7/2017
Employee Information Change Request - Last Updated 02/11/2015 
Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Report Form​ -  Last Updated 01/14/2015
​Police and Fire Unit purchases need prior approval by PERS staff who determine the rate or outcome of the unit purchases.  Do not send forms directly to PERS.  All forms are sent to the Centralized PERS Services Team to work with PERS.  Once the Centralized PERS Services Team receives approval they will contact the agency regarding the necessary entries in OSPA.  Due to the required prior approval process please do not add, change or delete the OSPA P070 screen PRNN deduction without first working with the Centralized PERS Services Team. 
Only Police and Firefighter (P&F) employees of the PERS Chapter 238 Program (Tier One or Tier Two) may purchase police and fire units. Police and Fire Units are not available for employees the Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP). 
Please see the detailed instructions for increasing P&F unit purchases or purchasing P&F units​
Statewide Centralized PERS Group List (DAS_Centralized_PERS_Services_Team) is used to broadly communicate to all state fiscal employees interested in Centralized PERS related information, updates and instructions. 
To Subscribe: follow this link to the Centralized PERS Services Team list and complete the instructions under the heading ‘Subscribing to DAS_Centralized_PERS_Services_Team.