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Other Payroll-Related Web Sites
Official OSPS Time
Sattellite Dish picture
The official OSPS time for manual check deadlines is the same as the Official U.S. Time, provided by NIST & USNO.
Official U.S. Time - Pacific
OSPA Payroll Datamart
The OSPA Payroll Datamart  contains information processed through the Oregon Statewide Payroll Application.

Labor Relations, Chief Human Resources Office
Shaking Hands
Labor Relations Contract Administrators 
Collective Bargaining Agreements (aka Union Contracts)

Oregon Accounting Manual P/R
Payroll section of the Oregon Accounting Manual (OAM)
Human Resources Policies, Tools, and Contacts
Rule and Policy Manual for employees not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.
Contact HR Policy Unit for policy interpretations. 
HR Systems and Services for information on PPDB, such as PA transaction codes, PERS job class codes, separation codes, and double fill codes.
For clarification on FMLA/OFLA usage see FMLA/OFLA Agency Payroll Tools.

Professional Organizations
Generic Professional Team
American Payroll Association (APA) - This organization for payroll professionals offers ongoing education, certification and up-to-date information regarding all aspects of the payroll arena.  The APA has local chapters nationwide providing local payroll professional networking opportunities.

System Security Info
Mainframe Security
Passwords - Changing, Setting, Establishing
Passwords - Resetting
Passwords - Un-revoke/Resume
Tax Sites
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Written in plain English, this site contains extensive information related to all aspects of taxation.  Of particular interest to payroll professionals are the IRS Forms, Instructions and Publications available online and in PDF format.
Social Security Administration (SSA) Online - Loaded with information regarding disability and retirement benefits, this site is a gold mine.  From here you can verify the accuracy of a Social Security Number, plan your retirement benefits and even subscribe to a monthly update.
Oregon Department of Revenue (DOR) - Along with providing state-specific taxation information, this site features a search engine to easily find help on a variety of subjects.  Help for DOR tax levies can be found here.

Wage and Hour Authorities
U.S. Dept. of Labor, Wage and Hour Division - On this website you can find easy-to-follow Questions and Answers regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and just about anything related to wage and hour regulations.  If it´s about wages, it´s here.
Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) - For answers to the questions "When must I pay my employee´s final paycheck?" and "What deductions may I make from my employee´s wages?", visit the BOLI website.  This informative website contains answers to many questions regarding the Oregon-specific laws surrounding the payment of wages to your employees. 
Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Chapter V:  Wage and Hour Division, Department of Labor.  Part 778 contains the rules for overtime compensation.
Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 292 contains the rules for paying the salaries and expenses of State Officers and Employees.

Retention Schedule
The Secretary of State's Archives Division is the authority on record retention policies statewide.

Employee Benefits
Oregon College Savings Plan - Through direct deposit deduction, the Oregon College Savings Plan can be funded from your monthly paycheck.  A quick and easy way to save for qualified higher education expenses at any eligible school.
Oregon Savings Growth Plan - A 457 deferred compensation plan designed to help supplement your PERS retirement. Save money while lowering your taxable income through easy pre-tax payroll deduction! Check out the website for enrollment and plan information.
pebb.benefits sign-on screen - Agency payroll staff use pebb.benefits to process current month enrollments and changes, which will interface to OSPA. Contact PEBB for help with this application.
Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) - Specific information regarding the insurance benefits available to employees covered by PEBB.  Includes links to insurance carrier websites and back issues of the monthly PEBB newsletter.
Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) - A comprehensive collection of information regarding PERS and the Oregon Savings Growth Plan.  There is a resource to calculate your estimated retirement benefits and several information documents regarding various investment options with PERS.
PDB "mini" Website - PEBB Agency Benefit Coordinators: PEBB provided resources to help agency payroll and benefit coordinators administer employee benefits.
SAIF Corporation - Information about the programs that SAIF has for its policyholders and injured workers.
Summary of Major Laws of the Department of Labor - A brief description of many of DOL's principal statutes most commonly applicable to businesses, job seekers, workers, retirees, contractors and grantees.