Child Abuse

Child Welfare Data

Online information about the children and families who come into Oregon's child welfare system due to abuse or neglect

Child Welfare Data Book

The Data Book, which replaces the Status of Children in Oregon's Child Protection System, is the Department of Human Services' annual report of Oregon child abuse and neglect statistics. Also available:

Child Welfare Scorecard

CW Outcomes Scorecard June 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard May 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard April 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard March 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard February 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard January 2017
CW Outcomes Scorecard December 2016
CW Outcomes Scorecard November 2016
CW Outcomes Scorecard October 2016
Critical Incident Response Team Reviews (CIRT)

The public reports created by the Critical Incident Review Team (CIRT) are an important and unique tool to help protect Oregon's children in state care. The primary purpose of the CIRT process is to rapidly draw lessons for the improvement of agency actions when there is an incident or serious injury or death caused by abuse or neglect involving a child who has had contact with the Oregon Department of Human Services.

What You Can Do About Child Abuse (DHS 9061)