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Cattle ownership inspection
Brand inspection
When is ownership inspection required for cattle? Ownership Inspection (also called "Brand Inspection") is required by Oregon law for cattle, whether branded or not, to verify ownership in the following instances:
is requiredexceptions
before selling at auction;
- None -
before moving out of state;
- None -
when sold by private treaty, (exceptions noted at right); or
when the buyer assures the seller that the cattle will be transported directly to Oregon auction market or to a slaughterhouse within eight days. Ownership inspection will take place before sale at auction or slaughter;
when the seller executes a "Change of Ownership Brand Inspection Exemption and Transportation Certificate", or "E" certificate;
See "E" certificate note below.
before slaughter at a slaughterhouse. (exceptions noted at right)
if 15 head (or fewer) are presented by one person for slaughter, when accompanied by a special slaughterhouse certificate. Hides of animals killed by a custom slaughterer may be inspected instead of the live animal.

E certificates
"E" certificates may be used (instead of 'Ownership Inspection') to transfer ownership for 15 head (or fewer) sold to the same buyer within a consecutive eight-day period. One "E" certificate must be completed for each animal sold. "E" certificates are not valid for transporting cattle out of state.
"E" certificates cost $2.50 each and can be purchased directly from Brand Inspectors or ordered from the Department. Call 503-986-4681 for the name and phone number of your nearest Brand Inspector.
If you mail your request, please indicate how many you want and enclose your check for $2.50 each. [$1.50 is for Beef Council and $1.00 is for brand inspection costs.]
Note the new mailing address for payments:
Oregon Department of Agriculture
PO Box 4395 Unit 17
Portland OR 97208-4395.

Livestock brands
Livestock Brands (For cattle, horses, or sheep)
To record a new brand
Courtesy renewal notices are mailed on September 15th of the renewal year. If you have not received your renewal notice, please call Donna at 503-986-4681. Don´t let your brand lapse.
To change ownership of a brand
An ownership inspection (also called "brand inspection") may be required by Oregon law to confirm proper ownership, whether branded or not.
In certain circumstances, it is required for cattle
Call 503-986-4681 for the name and phone number of the nearest Brand Inspector. (Please schedule inspections at least 24 hours in advance.)