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Record a brand
Registering a new brand
Registering a new brand is a three step process-
First stepis to submit a written and signed request to the Department along with a $25.00 fee (for each species of animals you intend to brand). You may simply write a letter or use the Livestock Brand Application Form (in pdf format). The written request and fee are mailed to:
Oregon Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 4395, Unit 17
Portland OR 97208
Select at least three to four designs to submit in case one or two designs are already taken. (Oregon has over 11,500 brands already registered.) When designing a brand, keep it simple, avoid a design with many corners, angles, or circles. The simpler the brand, the less chance of blotching or running.
Your brand application will be processed on a first-come, first serve basis. The designs you submit will be compared against currently registered brands, as well as pending new brands. The first available design on your application is the one which will be issued to you. Turnaround time (from the time you place the request in the mail until the time you receive a response) is generally two to three weeks.
Step 2. Should a brand be open, an applicant has 90 days to meet the requirements of registration. A packet will be mailed containing the instructions and forms for completing the registration. Three requirements must be met before a brand can be registered:
a Title of Ownership must be signed by the brand owner;
an additional fee must be paid; and
a one-stamp impression branding iron must be built and a tracing of the design made.
These items are returned to the Department at the Portland address shown above.
Step 3. Upon receipt of the forms and additional fee, the items are reviewed. If all the registration requirements are met, the brand is recorded and a Certificate of Ownership is mailed to the brand owner. The brand is not legal and cannot be used until it is recorded.
Livestock brand application
Livestock Brand Application Form  (in pdf format)

Available brands
To check available brands.  The available brands are listed in "brand-abetical" order