About Us


  • Ensure food safety and provide consumer protection
  • Protect the natural resource base for present and future generations of farmers and ranchers
  • Promote economic development and expand market opportunities for Oregon agricultural products
The three broad policy areas of the mission are interdependent. Without a strong and healthy natural resource base—particularly land and water—there is little or no agricultural production to promote and market. Without assurance that the food produced in Oregon is safe, there is little chance that many agricultural products will be of interest to potential customers.

Core values

The Oregon Department of Agriculture continues to be a partner with industry as well as protector of consumers. Core values guide the actions of ODA employees as they carry out the mission of the agency:

  • Honesty, integrity, and fairness
  • Technical and professional competence
  • Respect for people and property
  • Practical approaches to problem solving
  • Quality customer service


ODA: How we work for you brochure (2017)

A brief overview of the agency and its programs. How we work for you brochure



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