Pesticides and PARC

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Pesticide advisories 



Regarding use of pesticides for onion maggot control in onion cull piles awaiting burial​​. ODA Pesticides Program has identified EPA-labeled insecticides​ that can be legally applied specifically to onion cull piles (either directly to the pile or to areas surrounding the pile) for onion maggot control. 


NPK Industries' Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash contain pyrethrins pesticide advisory​has been released because the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has reason to believe the products Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash, manufactured by NPK Industries, contain a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. ODA has tested both products and found it to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.​

Use of Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash could cause cannabis to fail Oregon Health Authority (OHA) pesticide testing requirements. Growers of all crops and retailers are advised to discontinue using or selling Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash until further notice.


Green Planet Nutrients' Mega Wash contains pyrethrins advisory​ has been released because ODA has reason to believe the product Mega Wash contains a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. ODA has tested Mega Wash and found it to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.

Use of Mega Wash could cause cannabis to fail OHA pesticide testing requirements. Growers of all crops and retailers are advised to discontinue using or selling Mega Wash until further notice.​


As concerns about Zika Virus and other mosquito borne-pathogens rise, there may be an increased interest from the general public in having their property treated specifically for mosquitoes.​ The purpose of this advisory regarding requirements for applying pesticides for mosquito control is to clarify mosquito control-related pesticide applicator licensing requirements.​


This is a bees and linden trees pesticide advisory reminder​ that blooming linden trees are attractive to wild native bees and also European honey bees.​ Carefully read and follow all the restrictions and precautions on pesticide labels.​



In 2016, above-ground applications of zinc phosphide and grass grown for seed advisory​ will only be allowed April 29-Aug. 31. Four products are available for above ground use, and four products are available for below ground use throughout the year.


ODA has issued a news release regarding the ​​pesticide product Guardian removed from sale. 

Bulletins and news

ODA Pesticide Bulletin: April 2017

ODA Pesticide Bulletin — Spring Issue (2017)

In this issue: Information about Alexis Taylor, ODA's new director; ODA and Oregon State University developing a voluntary pollinator plan; changes ahead for the Worker Protection Standard; issues surrounding chlorpyrifos; knowing what your license allows; plus, fertilizer and pesticide violation lists. Pesticide spring newsletter

​​Worker Protection Standard update: February 2017

The Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) will adopt most of a set of updated pesticide rules​, to protect Oregon farm workers and those who handle pesticides.

ODA Pesticide Bulletin: September 2016

Aerial pesticide applicators permanent rule in effect: June 2016

The permanent rule for the aerial pesticide applicators license is now in effect. It requires aerial application licensing for people who want to aerially apply pesticides by aircraft. 

Automated call to pesticide applicators regarding drift: April 2016

ODA Pesticide Bulletin: March 2016

The spring issue of the ODA Pesticide Bulletin includes information about ODA's guidance list about pesticide use on cannabis, ​a gypsy moth eradication plan, a new hotline to report pesticide incidents 24/7, updates to the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard, and fertilizer application target zones.