Working Forests

The Oregon Forest Practices Act requires a notification to be filed before beginning any forest operation. 

  • Submit notifications to ODF at least 15 days before starting the operation 
  • Obtain a permit for any operation that uses fire or power driven machinery

E-Notification allows forest landowners, timber owners, and operators to submit a Notification of Operation or Permit to Use Fire or Power Driven Machinery online. 

The system combines the following steps into one simple process: 

  • Notifying the State Forester about the forest operation 
  • Applying for a permit to operate power driven machinery or use fire 
  • Notifying the State Forester and Department of Revenue about the intent to harvest timber

File a Notification​ 

Subscribe to E-Notification

Anyone can subscribe to receive copies of Notifications of Operations submitted to ODF. This may be useful for citizens who want to be informed about neighboring forest activities or submit official comments about planned operations. Subscriptions are issued on a yearly basis.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the subscription application​
  2. Enclose a check or money order for the total amount, payable to the State Forester
  3. Mail forms with payment to your local ODF office or submit your application and payment in person​