Continuing education

Education r​equirements​​

Continuing education is required for renewing most licenses.

  • During each three-year license cycle, licensees will be required to complete either 24, 16, eight, four, or zero hours of continuing education, depending on their specialty (i.e. electrical, plumbing, or boiler and pressure vessel).
  • Licensees can view their record on the state’s license holder database to identify the number of credits they need to earn during a renewal cycle.
  • Continuing education classes can be taken and credit applied any time during a renewal cycle.

Check your CE credits

​Licensees can check their total reported continuing education credits for the current renewal cycle in our licensing system. Check your CE credits​​​​.

Approved CE providers an​d courses

The state maintains a database of approved CE providers and their courses. To identify continuing education opportunities in your specialty, either live or online training, search the provider database.

Expired license

A licensee who fails to renew his/her license by the expiration date will fall into a category called "expired-renewable." When you are in this status, you are not eligible to work under your license until all the renewal requirements are met, including continuing education.​​​​​