Continuing education

Licensee​ continuing education requirements​

Continuing education is part of the requirements for renewing most licenses. The table below gives the requirements for each license type.

Oregon rule & law for plumbers​

​​​License​​ type ORL CC​ CR​ Total
​Journe​yman Plumber (JP)
4 16​
​Solar Heating & Cooling System Installer (STL) ​- -​ 8​ ​8​

*Water Treatment Installer (WTI) & Water Heater Installer (WHI)​ are exempt from continuing education requirements.​​​​​​​​

ORL - Oregon rule and law
CC - Code change
CR - Code related

Note: A portion of continuing education credits must be from code change courses. You have not met the continuing education requirements for license renewal if you do not have the correct amount of code change continuing education credits.​​​