Codes and standards

The division works with building officials, technical committees, advisory boards, and the public to adopt, amend, and interpret the Oregon Amusement Ride and Device Specialty Code (OARDSC). This code applies to the manufacture, installation, and maintenance of amusement rides and devices operated in Oregon.​

​Adopted codebook

2015 Oregon Amusement Ride and Device Specialty Code (OARDSC)
​​Effective April 1, 2015

This codebook consists of the following:

  • ASTM F1159​ – 2​001,​ Patron Directed, Artificial Climbing Walls, Dry Slide​
  • ASTM F1193​ – 2014,​​ Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM F1957 – ​1999 (2011), Composite Foam Hardness Durom​eter Hardness
  • ASTM F2007 – 2012, Concession Go Karts and Facilities
  • ASTM F2137 – 2013, Dynamic Characteristics of Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM F2291 – 2014, Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
  • ASTM F2374 – 2010, Inflatable Amusement Devices
  • ASTM F2375 – 2009, Climbing Nets and Netting/Mesh
  • ASTM F2460 – 2011, Special Requirements for Bumper Boats
  • ​​ASTM​​ F2959 – 2012, Special Requirements for Aerial Adventure Courses

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