State facilities and land

Salem space available

Ford house

Address: 810 D Street NE, Salem, Oregon

2,708 rentable square feet

Monthly rent: $3,439.16                    Contact: 503-508-0185


Irwin house 

Address; 850 D Street NE, Salem, Oregon

1,912 rentable square feet

Monthly rent: $2,428.24                    Contact: 503-508-0185


Huntington House

Address: 830 D Street NE, Salem, Oregon

1,722 rentable square feet (854 sf on 1st fl & 868 sf on 2nd fl)

Monthly rent: $2,186.94                   Contact: 503-508-0185


Perry House

Address: 880 Winter Street NE, Salem, Oregon

2,005 rentable square feet

Monthly rent: $2,766.90                   Contact: 503-508-0185


Department of Veterans' Affairs building

Address:  700 Summer Street NE, Salem, Oregon

18,938 sf of office space

Monthly rent:                                 Contact:   503-510-2569


State Library

Address:  250 Winter Street NE, Salem Oregon
  • First floor - 1,144 sf of office space with nice view of the Capitol and Willson Park.
  • Second floor - 2,478 sf of former library space with tall ceilings and book shelves built into the walls.
  • Tier 5 - 5,426 sf of storage space. This is not usable as office space due to low ceilings.

 ​Monthly rent:                                  Contact:   503-508-0185



Oregon State Police, State Fire Marshal's Office


Address: 4760 Portland Road NE, Salem, Oregon

Approximately 25,000 sf of office space plus 5,000 sf of storage space

Monthly rent:                                      Contact:  503-510-1705


Other locations

Burns Armory

Address: 619 S. Fairview Street, Burns, Oregon

Up to 12,456 rentable sf of office space in the Burns armory. The building was constructed in 1955 with a sizable fenced compound, which is accessible from the building or the street.

Monthly rent:                                    Contact: 503-508-0185


Gresham Armory

Address: 560 NE Division, Gresham, Oregon

Approximately 800 sf of office space in a small office suite within the Gresham armory. The suite contains three offices, a waiting area and a small coffee bar area.

Monthly rent:                                   Contact:  503-508-0185













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