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The Budget and Management (BAM) section is Oregon's central budget office for the Executive Branch of state government. Budget and Management analysts work with the Governor’s Office, Legislative committees, Legislative Fiscal Office staff, and state agencies on fiscal policy, program review, organizational transitions, performance management, and the development and monitoring of agency budgets. 

State agencies work with analysts throughout the budget development process. Together they apply statewide policy to build the Agency Request Budget. Analysts evaluate the Agency Request Budget and make recommendations to the Governor. The Governor develops the Governor’s Budget and analysts present the Governor's Budget to the Legislature and other groups. 

Analysts also work with state agencies throughout the entire budget process by monitoring budget performance, approving or denying allotment of agency funds, analyzing agency program and staffing requests, and making recommendations on agency requests to the Legislative Emergency Board and Interim Joint Ways & Means. 

Policy and Budget Analysts​ ​ ​ ​

Name, email ​an​d title Program area assignments Phone number
Dustin Ball
Statewide Numbers Coordinator
Policy and Budget Analyst

​Tamara Brickman             
Policy and Budget Analyst
Human Services program area lead ​503-378-4709
Cathy Connolly  
Policy and Budget Analyst        
Human Services ​503-373-0083
Patrick Heath  
Policy and Budget Analyst     
Economic & Community Development program and Administration program area lead ​503-378-3742
Michelle Lisper
Policy and Budget Analyst
 Public Safety program area lead ​971-283-6360

Kate Nass
Interim Policy and Budget Analyst

Oregon Health Authority
Health Programs

April McDonald​​
Policy and Budget Analyst
​Judicial program area lead
Tamara Brickman (interim)​
Assistant Policy and Budget Analyst

Health-Related Boards and Commissions


April McDonald (interim)​
Assistant Policy and Budget Analyst

Consumer and Business Services program area lead​

Kate Nass   
Deputy Chief Financial Officer     

George Naughton    
Statewide Chief Financial Officer 

Lisa Pearson
Policy and Budget Analyst
Education program area lead
Ali Webb​
Policy and Budget Analyst
Natural Resources program area lead
​Linnea Wittekind
Policy and Budget Analyst
​Transportation program area lead ​503-378-3108