The Department of Administrative Services has four service enterprises, each governed by a Customer Utility Board (CUB)​. The CUB acts as a governing board for the services that we provide.

One of the key responsibilities assigned to CUB’s is the approval of Service Level Agreement documents. CUB’s are responsible for reviewing and approving the content of SLA’s and ensuring the defined service levels are commensurate with the rates charged for each service.​

The Service Level Agreement, services we provide, and associated costs can be found through the links to the right. Below outlines how we measure successful performance:

How we measure success

Contract quality evaluation survey

Percent of contract quality evaluation surveys stating the contract met original business needs. Target = 85%.

Contract delivery timeliness
Percent of contracts completed within the timeframes agreed to with customers. Target = 85%.

​Complaints on vendor performance

​Number of complaints on statewide price agreement vendor performance. Target = TBD. (Submit vendor performance feedback​)

​Availability of “how to” guides

Percent of statewide price agreement contracts that include a “how to buy” guide accessible via ORPIN. Targets = Year 1: 15%, Year 2: 25%, Year 3: 50%.

​Ease of use of statewide price agreements

Average rating of ease of use of statewide price agreements as per customer survey. Target = 7.5 out of 10.

​ORPIN Help Desk effectiveness

Average rating of effectiveness of ORPIN Help Desk staff as per customer survey. Target = 9 out of 10.

​ORPIN technical support resolution time 

Average number of hours from receipt of request for ORPIN technical support until customer issue is resolved and ticket is closed. Target = TBD.

Satisfac​tion with training

Average overall satisfaction rating on evaluation surveys completed by state agency employees who have finished any procurement training course. Target = 8 out of 10.​​