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Online Donations
Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs is proud to support efforts and programs that help the men and women who served in uniform
thrive in Oregon.  ODVA is now accepting online donations to enhance, educate, and support our veterans across the state.   Many times
current programs and funding are unable to meet the needs of today's veterans.  Your donation to any of the following funds is  one way
you can give back to those who gave so much. 100 % of your funds will be used to support veterans and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
To Donate - Choose a Program or Fund Below
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Donations for the Oregon Veterans' Homes will go towards activities and items that make life
more enjoyable for the residents.  Donations are also used to assist in the cost of care for
those with temporary financial challenges.  Donating to this fund is a great way to give back to those who gave so much.
Donations to this fund are used to assist veterans and their families in programs that support the Oregon veteran community.
Your donation will help provide much needed support in this area.
Women Veteran.jpg
Donations to this fund will go to directly provide support to programs and events that benefit female veterans.  Donations will also go to help support the Oregon Women Veteran Conference which is currently held on a bi-annual basis in the state.
Suicide Prention.jpgDonations to this fund will support the implementation and promotion
of a public veteran suicide prevention campaign.  The focus will be to educate
veterans and their families about suicide, the warning signs and how to help any veteran who is contemplating taking their own life.