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HAI Annual Report

The 2016 annual report includes summary and facility-specific data on HAIs. Summary data, aggregated by facility type, are published in a PDF file format, and facility-specific data are available online in the form of web-based tables and maps. 2016 data were reported to Oregon Health Authority by 61 hospitals and 60 dialysis facilities. 

2016 Oregon HAI Summary Report (pdf)

Executive Summary (pdf)

This report compares summary data from Oregon's hospitals and dialysis facilities to the U.S. as a whole and to national goals for HAI reduction. 

2016 Oregon HAI Facility-Specific Maps using Original Baseline (online)

2016 Oregon HAI Facility-Specific Tables using Original Baseline (online)


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These online tables and maps show how specific facilities performed in 2016 compared to the U.S. as a whole and to national goals for HAI reduction. 

The standardized infection ratio (SIR) data in these tables and maps were analyzed using the original national baselines for comparison. For more information on SIR baselines, please see

oregon map
Previous Annual Reports are listed under Archived Reports.

Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccination

Healthcare workers can acquire influenza from patients or transmit influenza to patients and other staff. Annual vaccination of health care workers can prevent influenza transmission.

2015-2016 Health Care Worker Influenza Vaccination Report (pdf)

This report presents healthcare worker influenza vaccination rates for 62 Oregon hospitals, 137 skilled nursing facilities, 67 dialysis facilities and 85 ambulatory surgery centers.

HCW-Influenza Vax Cover 2015  
Previous reports are listed under Archived Reports.

CD Summary Articles

Published Articles


  • Oregon CRE Toolkit (pdf)
    The Oregon CRE Toolkit is designed as a practical working document to aid the health care workforce groups most predictably involved in the detection, treatment, and prevention of CRE in Oregon, namely infectious diseases physicians, health care epidemiologists, infection preventionists, nurses, and microbiologists.


Oregon’s HAI program distributes surveys to various healthcare facilities and laboratories to determine current trends and needs. Below are highlights, by facility and year.

Special Studies

Archived Reports

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