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Environmental Public Health

Working for all Oregonians

Environmental public health works to identify, assess and report on threats to human health from exposure to environmental and occupational hazards, and advise Oregon communities on potential risks where they live, work and play in order to remain healthy and safe.

Environmental Health Investigations

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Climate Change and Public Health

The Public Health Division works to understand the potential health impacts of climate change and to prepare our communities to protect the health of Oregonians.

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Radiation Protection

Information for registrants of tanning and X-ray equipment and licensing information for radioactive materials.

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Oregon Drinking Water Services

Oregon Drinking Water Services (DWS) administers and enforces drinking water quality standards for public water systems in the state of Oregon.

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Plan ahead to stay safe in the outdoors and while on vacation. Get current health alerts, advisories, and tips.

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Foodborne Illness Prevention

Resources on safe food handling practices, obtaining your food handler card, food service training manuals as well as forms, rules and guidelines on food safety.

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Tracking & Assessment

Our health can be a reflection of our environment. Tracking and assessment helps us understand these connections.

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Healthy Homes and Neighborhoods

Where we spend our time affects our health. People can take action to protect themselves and their families from health hazards in our homes and neighborhoods.

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Workplace Health

Safe and healthy work environments prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.

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