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Working to Prevent Violence, Injury and Suicide

The Public Health Division supports many programs that promote safe living among Oregonians. These public health concerns can affect all Oregonians from children to adults. We are working together to help prevent violence, injury and suicide.

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Injury and Violence Prevention Section


Injury Data

The Public Health Division examines data to identify prevention strategies, plan interventions and evaluate outcomes.

Reducing Opioid Overdose and Misuse

In Oregon, more drug poisoning deaths involve prescription opioids than any other type of drug, including alcohol, methamphetamines, heroin and cocaine. Partners across Oregon are working to reduce this epidemic.

Suicide Prevention

Find resources to prevent and survive suicide along with information on how Oregon Public Health is working with partners across the state to prevent deaths from suicide.

Keeping Children Safe

Learn about Oregon Public Health Division efforts to identify trends and reduce unintentional injury for children in Oregon.

Oregon Trauma Registry

OTR monitors trauma patient outcomes and reviews data for injury prevention programs, research and education.

Falls Prevention for Older Adults

Oregon's Falls Prevention Program aims to reduce senior falls by linking clinical practice to evidence-based falls prevention programs in the community.

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