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Apply for Health Coverage in Oregon

Applying for Health Coverage

Learn how to apply for the Oregon Health Plan. 
Learn more about the Oregon Health Plan Fast-track enrollment 

The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) is open to more Oregon adults in 2014. You may qualify for OHP even if you’ve been denied in the past.

You can apply for the Oregon Health Plan or Healthy Kids at any time throughout the year. Enrollment is always open for these programs. 

Fast-Track Enrollment - an easy way to enroll

You may be able to enroll in OHP coverage now. You do not need to apply.

About 300,000 Oregonians have already received letters letting them know that they are eligible for "fast-track enrollment" in the Oregon Health Plan. That's because they have already been approved for other benefits.

If you got a letter in the mail, please fill out the two-sided form, sign it and send it back as soon as possible.

Fast-track enrollment is available to adult Oregonians who meet income and residency requirements for the Oregon Health Plan and have already qualified for the following:

  1. 1) Food benefits through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP),
  2. 2) Or health care benefits for children through Healthy Kids/OHP.

Another way to enroll - Cover Oregon

If you do not qualify for fast-track enrollment, you can apply for the Oregon Health Plan or other coverage through a paper application with Cover Oregon. Cover Oregon is the new online marketplace where Oregonians can comparison shop for health insurance and see if they qualify for financial assistance to help pay for private insurance.

  • Visit CoverOregon.com to use the online application form. You will need to print it out and either mail or fax it to Cover Oregon. The fax number and mailing address are on the form.
  • Have a paper application mailed to you by calling 1-855-CoverOR. Paper applications are available in multiple languages.
  • You can also apply through a Cover Oregon community partner or insurance agent. Call 1-855-CoverOR, or visit CoverOregon.com, for a list of people who can help in your area. Getting application help from a community partner or agent is free.
  • Paper applications are also available for pickup at your local DHS Branch Office​. DHS staff are unable to assist with the application process, so please call 1-855-CoverOR if you have any questions.

Applying with a paper application

New health care plans are available. You may have heard that the Cover Oregon website is not yet open to process eligibility for OHP or private coverage. That should not stop anyone from applying for health care coverage today. The state is committing extra resources to getting paper applications processed so people can take advantage of the new health benefits.

More information about Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon is a new online marketplace where Oregonians can apply for health insurance.

  • No one will be turned away because of health conditions
  • Anyone can apply for coverage, regardless of income

Cover Oregon is a one-stop shop for all types of coverage. You fill out one application to see what you qualify for:

  • The Oregon Health Plan / Healthy Kids
  • Private health insurance
  • Financial assistance to help pay for private health insurance

You can apply using a paper application. Paper applications are available in multiple languages.

Help applying

Cover Oregon community partners and agents can help people with the application. You can search the list of certified partners and agents at ​www.CoverOregon.com/agent/find​ to find help in your area.

Help is also available by calling 1-855-CoverOR (1-855-268-3767). You can also learn more by downloading the Application Assistance Booklet​.


Call OHP Customer Service at 1-800-699-9075 for questions about fast-track enrollment and applying for the Oregon Health Plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible?

Qualification for OHP is based on residency, income, and/or those who are elderly, sight impaired, disabled, pregnant or receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits. Individuals who want to apply for OHP should always submit a completed application to see if they qualify. OHP is opening to more low-income adults in 2014. You may qualify for OHP, even if you've been denied in the past.

Does OHP cover preventive services?​​

Yes. All OHP Plus, CAWEM Plus and OHP with Limited Drug benefit packages cover preventive services, including immunizations, check-ups and screening tests such as mammograms and PAP tests.

When will I find out if I qualify for the Oregon Health Plan?​​

If you received a "fast-track" enrollment form, you are prequalified for the Oregon Health Plan. After it is received at OHA, you will receive an enrollment/welcome packet in the mail. There is a high volume of mail right now, so it may take a little while to receive your enrollment/welcome packet.

If you apply through Cover Oregon or another means, you will find out if you qualify for OHP health coverage within 45 days of turning in your completed application.

If we need to find out if you qualify for OHP health coverage based on a disability, it may take longer than 45 days.

If you do not hear back after 45 days, contact the office where you applied and ask for you application’s status. If you applied online or by mailing in your application, call Customer Service at 1-800-699-9075.


If I sign up for the Oregon Health Plan, will the state recover from my estate after I pass away?

If you sign up for the Oregon Health Plan, the state will not recover any assets from you. The state has changed the policy. Effective October 1, 2013, estate recovery is done only for people receiving long-term care services and/or for people over 55 or who have been in an institutional setting. For more information, read the Estate Recovery and the Oregon Health Plan Q&A​.

Is there other help?​​​

Fast-track Enrollment for OHP as easy as 1-2-3...learn more. 
Cover Oregon Learn more about how to apply. Links to CoverOregon.com