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Tuberculosis Control

Working to Control the Spread of TB in Oregon

Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial disease primarily of the lungs. It is airborne and spreads when someone with active TB disease coughs, laughs or sings.

The TB Program works with local health departments and private medical providers to:

1) identify and treat TB disease;

2) identify, evaluate, and treat newly infected contacts to infectious TB cases;

3) screen high-risk populations for TB infection.

The TB Program provides lab testing, technical assistance, TB medications and analysis of surveillance data to assist with accomplishing these goals.

On this page:

How Public Health Nurses Help TB Patients
Infographic: How Public Health Nurses Help TB Patients  

Download full sized infographic (pdf)


Fact Sheets
  • TB Program Fact Sheet (pdf) - Learn more about TB and what the TB Program is doing to control the rate of tuberculosis disease in Oregon.


World TB Day Webinar, 2017
B-Waiver Evaluation for Tuberculosis, 2016
World TB Day Webinar, 2016
Curry  International TB Center Webinar, 2016

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