Child Safety Plan

Caregiver Areas of Skills and Knowledge (ASK) feedback needed July 11 - Aug 10, 2018

Since the spring of 2017, a group of internal and external stakeholders have been meeting to redesign initial and ongoing training for caregivers. This started with the development of Caregiver Areas of Skills and Knowledge (ASK), formerly known as Core Competencies. The Caregiver Areas of Skills and Knowledge are not a list of classes, curriculum or course descriptions. Once finalized, the Caregiver ASKs will be used to guide the development of curriculum, course descriptions and learning objectives for revised Caregiver training.

We invite you to review and provide feedback on the Caregiver Areas of Skills and Knowledge. All feedback must be submitted by Friday, August 10, 2018 to

Stakeholder Feedback Materials - Caregiver Areas of Skills and Knowledge (ASK)

Foster Parent Training

fptraining.jpgAn average of 7,600 children are in foster care on a daily basis. DHS has not been able to find and keep enough caregivers for all of these children. This means caseworkers sometimes place kids in homes that are not the best match and that foster families sometimes get kids before they're ready. This project increases the number of foster families by finding ways to keep the parents we have and finding new homes. It will also improve training and support for foster families.

Foster Parent Recruitment, Retention and Support