Adult Abuse

Change Management is the process of developing a planned approach to change in an organization. For the Centralized Abuse Management System (CAM), change management will provide a structured approach for supporting the end users to move through the change process and support changes in processes, policy, and technology.

Major activities will include monthly call-ins and Change Leader (CL) and Super User (SU) workshops which touch on the five major changes with CAM implementation.

Change Leader and Super User Workshops for APD

The purpose of these groups is to bring together end users from each district across the state to assist in business transition activities, ensure business readiness, and prepare the stakeholders for CAM to “go-live.” Change Leader workshops will focus on change leadership and end user adoption. Super User workshops will focus on adoption, peer-based support and user satisfaction.

For questions related to CAM business transition, please connect with your local change leader or super user or send an email to

CAM Change Leader Workshop

D1/D3: Julie Olds
D2: Tina Lewis
D4: Kate Hall
D5: Suzy Cole
D6: Kathy Shipman
D7: Christy Shipman
D9: Lisa Viles
D10: Tasha Holly
D11: Nicki Holmes
D12: Angelita Moreno
D13/14: Brian Beck
D15: Tami Black
D16 (St. Helens): Christy Dewey
D16: Dave Chaney
SOQ: Lynette Caldwell and Connie Rush

CAM Super Users

D1/D3: Kristy Sibley
D2: Braum Stewart
D4: Kayla Armstrong
D5: Geoff Clark
D6: Terri Cook
D7: Tom Ellis
D8: Steve Ettlich
D9: Calvin Owen
D10: Kara Simmons
D11: Mandy Tripett
D12: Kris Clark
D13/14: Barry Macy
D15: Janelle Turney and Jeremiah Jones
D16 (St. Helens): Bryan Cutright
D16: Alanna Treacy
SOQ: Robin Duval

Change Leader Workshops for ODDS/OTIS and BH

The purpose of this group is to bring together Change Leaders from each CDDP, Brokerage, CMHP, and impacted DHS/OHA Central Office unit across the state to assist in business transition activities, ensure business readiness, and prepare the stakeholders for when CAM is implemented. The Change Leader workshops will focus on change leadership and building end user adoption. 

The first meeting was held March 20th at the Roth’s Event center in West Salem and it was a full house, 55 Change Leaders showed up for the first event! There was representation from across the State, post meeting evaluation analysis indicate the group collectively rated the experience at 4.30 out of 5. 

Below you can find March’s Change Leader agenda and documents that were presented and used during the meeting. 

Whats Changing Handout
This document provides a glance of what is changing, remaining the same and stopping when CAM goes live
CAM Timeline
This document highlights major milestones with dates the project is working towards
Resisting Change Worksheet
The attached worksheet includes the bullets created during the meeting, but you can delete and start new if you like
Quick Intake-Scenario
Quick Intake scenario and Glossary
Full Intake-Scenario_Supporting Handout
Change Leader Power Point
This PowerPoint will be helpful when you want to present CAM information in your office – Remember to update the make it your own, such as putting your name on the first slide
What is a Change Leader
The document details the roles and responsibilities of a Change Leader
Incident cards (for sorting activity)
Serious Incident Breakout
Brief Incidents - Instructions Answer Key (final)
Serious Incident Breakout
SI Sorting Mat
Serious Incident Breakout
SI Definitions
Serious Incident Breakout