Adult Abuse

Office of Adult Protective Services and Investigations Responsibilities

The Office of Adult Protective Services and Investigations is responsible for coordinating and conducting abuse investigations and providing protective services statewide to reports of neglect and abuse of vulnerable adults including:

  • Adults over the age of 65
  • Adults with physical disabilities
  • Adults with developmental disabilities
  • Adults with mental illness
  • Children receiving residential treatment services

What laws give the Office of Adult Protective Services and Investigations the authority?

Authority to support the rights of older Oregonians and Oregonians with physical disabilities to be independent, healthy, and safe is given in Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 410.020(2); ORS 410.020 (3); ORS 410.070(1); and ORS 124.050 to 124.095. Oregon administrative rule Chapter 411, Division 20 provides more specific directions.

What types of facilities does the Office of Adult Protective Services and Investigations investigate?

Adult Protective Services has the authority and responsibility to respond to homes and state licensed facilities. Adult Protective Services does not have authority and responsibility to investigate in correction facilities, courts, and hospitals as an example. In those cases, complaints are referred to the appropriate authority which may be the State or local law enforcement, investigative division of the facility or other reporting authority.

How do I find out if a facility has had complaints in the past?

The Licensed Long-Term Care Facilities page has a link to the facility complaint database and more information on facility investigation and reporting.​​​​