Seniors and People with Disabilities


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Local​ offices can order quantities of these brochures through the branch ordering system (FBOS). Facilities or other community partners can order quantities by contacting us at 800-282-8096.

​Client Employed Provider Program
  • The Employer's Guide: this guide for employers offers information about hiring a provider to care for you in your home.
  • Home Care Worker's Guide (2008) explains how to become a care provider in this program and what the work entails.
​Assisted Living

Long-Term Care Reports

Reports and flyers from prior years are available from the Portland State University Institute on Aging

Long-Term Care Research Fact Sheets a​​nd Reports
Community-Based Care Reports
Nursing Facilities Reports

Adult Protective Services Reports
Abuse reporting of vulnerable adults and children with developmental disabilities in residential programs
APS Databooks

Other ​APS Reports

Other documents, reports and booklets

Staley Settlement Agreement Progress Reports
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