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About electronic funds transfer

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is an electronic method for moving funds from one account to another. EFT transactions are fast and secure.

You must pay your Oregon combined payroll and corporate excise or income taxes through EFT if you are federally mandated to use the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Paying by EFT is easy

Go to Revenue Online to make ACH debit payments or to submit your ACH credit application. You don't need to sign up for a Revenue Online account to make EFT payments or submit your application. However, with a Revenue Online account, withholding taxpayers can access the Form OR-OTC, Oregon Combined Payroll Tax Coupon. All taxpayers can manage their tax accounts, view letters we've sent, and send us messages securely. 

We're no longer processing any paper EFT applications or updating information in the Oregon Tax Payment System. This applies to both new applications and requests to update information. If your bank account information changes, you can use Revenue Online to make ACH debit payments using your new account information without submitting an application.

ACH debit payments

Make your ACH debit payment for corporate income and excise or combined payroll taxes.

ACH credit payments


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