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Financing and facilities planning

The Oregon Legislature formed the Capital Projects Advisory Board (CPAB) in 1997 to provide public review of proposed capital projects of all state agencies (except higher education). CPAB advises the director of the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), facilities division or designee on: ​

  • Long-range facility plans that agencies submit to DAS.
  • The condition of facilities, maintenance schedules, and options for new facilities. (This applies to existing and proposed facilities within the class called major construction or acquisition in the Governor’s budget).
  • Agency plans to lease facilities of 10,000 square feet or larger for 10 years or more.
  • Agency plans to build or buy a building of 10,000 or more square feet. 

In evaluating a capital project or major lease, the Board considers:
  • The agency’s mission and long-range facilities plans.
  • Effective use of existing and proposed building space.
  • If all reasonable alternatives have been explored by the agency.
  • The condition of occupied and unoccupied building space.
  • The agency’s plan for asset protection, including operation, maintenance and repair.
  • The ability of the agency to reasonably maintain and operate all its facilities.

Applicable statutes: ORS 276.227 and ORS 276.229